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Rose City Kitchen: Looks Yummy!!


I think it's just been open for a couple of days. Has anyone been yet?

Falafel poutine...that's brilliant! Can't wait to try it :)

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  1. I haven't been and I take umbrage at their plans for another two locations despite not even really being open yet

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      I guess they have faith in their product :)

      1. re: disgusti

        Why does someone elses plans offend you, exactly?

        1. re: szw

          Well besides being easily offended I think that their presumption that their product is good and their concept is franchise/expansion worthy is indicative of a larger problem with our culture exemplified by things like kickstarter wherein we as a public are expected to support ideas concepts and products sight unseen instead of the traditional and I would argue much more sensible model of something happening/being made/being released and then we decide if it is worthy or not based on it's merits

          this could be a little too philosophical for chow hound though

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            I don't think it's too philosophical. You make valid points. But I'd like to try it before I make any proclamations one way or another.

            1. re: kwass

              Yeah I'm kinda just being an asshole. I'll probably try it too beats another burger place or BBQ joint or whatever!

            2. re: disgusti

              think you're reading it wrong.
              they think that they're filling a void and that multiple locations will bring better strength to their brand.
              it isn't a business model that i would feel comfortable doing, but, like most new restaurants, i'd assume they have investors behind them. if there's money to open a few within a short period of time, all the power to them. it's a greater uphill battle, but if they succeed, they'll be all the richer for it.

              my issue with them is more political. Food from Jordan, eh? Interesting to see what Middle Eastern countries they claim the food's from (or not from). also, their web site is diarrhea.

        2. They have their prices online; it seems quite reasonably priced (especially considering some of the other options in the area)


          1. Somebody just wrote a review of RCK. Here is the link:


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                Oh ... the pitas looked nicely filled and tasty! It all looked good till I saw the poutine. Maybe I've been brainwashed but those fries look too pale and limp.

                Looks like I'll add this to my ever growing list of places to try for downtown TO.

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                  The fries do look pale and limp, but you could probably request crispy fries.

              2. falafel poutine sounds and looks disgusting

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                1. re: frogsteak

                  Really? I think it sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to try it :)

                  1. re: kwass

                    For once I'm going to agree with frogsteak yuck!

                    I don't get the big deal about poutine anyway.So overrated.

                    1. re: petek

                      I'm not a fan of poutine either. And, despite the fact that the fries looked undercooked, I think this is an awesome concept!

                      1. re: kwass

                        I agree with kwass, but I'll take Greek fries over poutine any day, and this looks more like that sort of thing than poutine to me.

                      2. re: petek

                        not over-rated when it's done properly which i've yet to see here

                        1. re: frogsteak

                          How did I know you were gonna say that?

                          It's fries and gravy with cheese on it..soo overrated.
                          BTW I've the foie gras poutine at PDC and it was great but that's a whole different animal...

                        2. re: petek

                          I agree..poutine..with all this new stuff poured over it just kills the original which I do like sans curds or as we used to call it "chips & gravy" in the 1950's...

                    2. It was too busy (limited seating), so I didn't actually get to try the food... but for what it is worth, the portion size seemed a bit "poetic" for a sandwich.

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                      1. I think I might have picked the wrong day/time to go... after 1pm I waited in line for half an hour! Once I placed my order it was really fast.

                        So I tried the falafel poutine - am interested in other folks' verdicts! Given their pitas are snack-sized, I am not sure why the poutine is so MASSIVE but it was more than I could eat for lunch, and I was ravenous. Anyway I thought it was just OK - there wasn't much flavour in any of the interesting-looking ingredients (fries, falafel, tabouleh, hummus, cheese), and how can you call it poutine if there's no "gravy" of some sort? Maybe it needed more hummus, I don't know. The fries weren't pale, though they were on the limp side, but I took out and ate them 20 minutes later - the fresh ones they kindly passed around in the restaurant were crisper.

                        I also tried a Moroccan chicken sandwich, which was fine, nothing to write home about but tasty enough. The chicken was nicely grilled. Though I did get it specifically for the almonds and apricots, which I couldn't identify.
                        PS about the size, they specifically say one sandwich is a "snack", two is a "meal" and three is for if you're really hungry. So one is pretty small.

                        (It was a bit unnerving to watch the food prep - some food-touching hands were ungloved, and several gloved hands covered in food were writing with pens and going back to touching food. I hope that's just a growing pain...)

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                        1. re: Klafouti

                          Thanks for the report Klafouti!

                        2. Stopped by last night.

                          Going into it I knew there was going to be troubles with the line up, small portion sizes, etc.

                          Overall, if money wasn't an issue I enjoyed the food there. My issue is with the portion sizes/value. I find that the fried chicken steam bao practically next door is the holy grail of value/quality/snack portion.

                          The pictures on BlogTO make the portions look bigger than they actually are. There is a pic there with a big piece of chicken on the edge of the pita. I didn't get that.

                          The owner (or one of the owners I should say) was in front of the counter giving advise on the menu when we went in. No one was in front of us at that time but we let a couple of customers ahead of us because we were still deciding. The owner gave some advise on what combos she liked together.

                          I decided to go with the Moroccan chicken, Egyptian Halloumi and Lebanese Falafel. I enjoy all three but a couple of things to note. Nothing was warm except for the falafel (I ate that one last, but, I should have reversed it). Total meal was about $14 with taxes (no drink). Inititally I felt "I could eat more" but maybe that was because I enjoyed the flavours and wanted more because an hour later I was feeling full enough. I really do wish the food was warm/hot though. I had been hoping the fresh pita to be warm.

                          As we were eating (after 7pm at this point) the line up continued to form and they had some troubles with the cash. The guy also had troubles with the cash when we ordered as well (it was his first day).

                          My friend had the falafel salad and while she said it tasted good she said she didn't feel like it was worth the money considering the portion size/etc.

                          Next time I go back I will try the hot sauce which was on the counter.

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                            I hate when the fillings are cold. They're cold @ Dr Laffa's as well.

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                              i checked rck out on monday night, after 9pm. only a few people ahead of me, but a wait of 5-10min was needed. not a big deal for me. those who appeared to be waiting long got some fries and i tasted the halloumi before deciding to go with other options. there seemed to be a difference in opinion behind the counter about how the halloumi was prepared (fried or grilled), so i skipped it.

                              i got recommendations based on the protein i chose and got an rck with chicken and the egyptian with steak. flavours of both were good, with the sweetness of the egyptian overpowering the rest of the sandwich, just a tad. the chicken was cold too, which was surprising since the grill is right behind the counter. the pitas themselves were warm for me.

                              falafal pita seems just a bit overpriced, as your local rabba should have a $3.75 falafel pita combo (with drink + fries) - never had it though, but i would expect the falafel here to be significantly better.

                              glad there are more options in this area though!

                            2. They are giving away free sandwiches today (March 12) from 11am to 3pm. I guess the plus side if that the crappy weather might keep the lines down... The downside if that you would probably have to wait in line in the snow/outside knowing that they have a hard time keeping up even when people are paying plus I imagine people will be ordering other things that they need to prepare too.

                              1. Heard that they're going to be opening their second location at the corner of Adelaide St East and Toronto St. in the former BLD space.

                                1. I think they need to change things up on the value front. I walked by on Saturday night around 7:30pm and not one customer in the place. Compare that to P & L burgers, Burger Priest, Banh Mi Boys, and even McDs and Hero Burger that were all pretty packed.

                                  I wish this place well as I enjoyed the food but I think it might not get a lot of return visitors because of the cost/value ratio.