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Jun 14, 2006 03:28 PM

Colorado Springs recommendations?

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Going to Colorado Springs for a family get together in July. We are looking for recommendations for food there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With young kids and without. Markets, take out too. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Several years ago, I had a truly memorable evening at a small place named The Blue Star. It was set up like two places - the bar, which reminded me of someplaces I frequented in Philly or NY, that had small plates and tapas like food, and the regular restaurant next door, which was more upscale and dressier. We ate in the restaurant, and would have returned to dine in the bar given the opporunity. The food was not cheap, but was unique and very good, service was excellent, terrific wine list that was half off on Sundays. Definately not a place for kids, IMO. Call to check on the details if you are interested, and they do have a website. It says something positive that I still remember it after all this time and all the restaurant meals I've eaten since - but more up-to-date information on the place would be warranted, especially since I'd not call it a bargain evening.

    1. Colorado Springs is no center of high cuisine, but there are some excellent restaurants there. If price is no object, try one of the Broadmoor's restaurants; the food is excellent and the atmosphere relaxing and refined. Manitou Springs, a few miles outside Colorado Springs, is a resort town with several interesting choices, among them the highly regarded Craftwood Inn.

      1. For family dining, we had a very satisfactory dinner at "The Mason Jar" a few years back when we were passing through between Denver and Santa Fe. It was good-tasting basic American home cooking. Address is 2925 W. Colorado Avenue (at 30th street). We came upon the restaurant by accident after visting Garden of the Gods.

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          I'm going there next week. See my topic for a few recs. There are 2 more by me a couple of weeks before and 1 by some one else for Denver.


          1. A very fun and memorable place for kids--and non-kids alike--is Michelle's which is downtown. They have the most fabulous sundaes and fountain "creations" you can imagine. I can remember it from my college days and it's still going strong. Great place for fun for everybody! Wouldn't recommend it for anything other than a dessert "experience"!