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Colorado Springs recommendations?

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Going to Colorado Springs for a family get together in July. We are looking for recommendations for food there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With young kids and without. Markets, take out too. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Several years ago, I had a truly memorable evening at a small place named The Blue Star. It was set up like two places - the bar, which reminded me of someplaces I frequented in Philly or NY, that had small plates and tapas like food, and the regular restaurant next door, which was more upscale and dressier. We ate in the restaurant, and would have returned to dine in the bar given the opporunity. The food was not cheap, but was unique and very good, service was excellent, terrific wine list that was half off on Sundays. Definately not a place for kids, IMO. Call to check on the details if you are interested, and they do have a website. It says something positive that I still remember it after all this time and all the restaurant meals I've eaten since - but more up-to-date information on the place would be warranted, especially since I'd not call it a bargain evening.

    1. Colorado Springs is no center of high cuisine, but there are some excellent restaurants there. If price is no object, try one of the Broadmoor's restaurants; the food is excellent and the atmosphere relaxing and refined. Manitou Springs, a few miles outside Colorado Springs, is a resort town with several interesting choices, among them the highly regarded Craftwood Inn.

      1. For family dining, we had a very satisfactory dinner at "The Mason Jar" a few years back when we were passing through between Denver and Santa Fe. It was good-tasting basic American home cooking. Address is 2925 W. Colorado Avenue (at 30th street). We came upon the restaurant by accident after visting Garden of the Gods.

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          I'm going there next week. See my topic for a few recs. There are 2 more by me a couple of weeks before and 1 by some one else for Denver.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. A very fun and memorable place for kids--and non-kids alike--is Michelle's which is downtown. They have the most fabulous sundaes and fountain "creations" you can imagine. I can remember it from my college days and it's still going strong. Great place for fun for everybody! Wouldn't recommend it for anything other than a dessert "experience"!

            1. I know I am chiming in late, but it's not July yet, so hopefully this will be useful info.

              I have spent a lot of time in Colorado Springs over the past year and have been pleasantly surprised by the number of decent restaurants I have found. I would't say that it's a dead zone, certainly not for dining.

              I have tried and liked all of the following:
              Sushi: Jun (at Dublin/Academy; they have another location on Centennial but I've never been there). This sushi is as good and fresh as I've had anywhere in the US. The one on Dublin is family friendly, and we often see children dining there. So if your kids are the least bit adventurous, take them; you can enjoy good sushi and get them a chicken katsu or noodles or something and good fun will be had by all. I especially like some of their unusual rolls like the asparagus tempura roll. Maybe you wouldn't find it in Japan, but it's really good!

              Indian: Mirch Masala - on Academy, near Jun. Nondescript place in a strip mall, but good food and reasonable prices. Again, if your kids are open to the exotic food this is a place you should have no trouble taking them.

              El Tesoro - 10 North Sierra Madre, downtown. I discovered this place randomly last weekend when I was looking for a place to park downtown. This is a true gem - definitely the best meal I've had in CS, in a romantic, comfortable atmosphere. Nouveau Mexican food in an artsy environment. A nice intimate outside patio for pleasant weather. Everything I had was so fresh and I never knew Mexican food could be this light. This is somewhere I would go out of my way to return to when I'm next in town. Probably a good idea to leave the kids at home.

              Thai: Wild Ginger in Old Colorado City was pretty decent food, though lacking in atmosphere.

              1. Oh, and how could I forget. The Egg and I on N. Academy is a great breakfast/brunch place. Clean, friendly, great for the kids, but an interesting menu.

                I believe it is a Colorado chain; they definitely have them in Denver also.

                1. Gotta toss in Conway's Red Top. Unique burgers, great homemade soups and stews. Definitely kid friendly.

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                    You have got to be kidding. Conway's Redtop is the worst burger I have ever tasted. Sure they are big (about as thick as a napkin though) greasy with little flavor. Don't even get me started on their fries.

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                      OK, I won't get you started on their fries.

                      My burgers were never greasy, were generously topped regardless of the variety, and were served piping hot with the cheese properly melted. And I've eaten a several different locations including Pueblo.

                      I'd go back anytime.

                  2. Just got back Saturday. I was stuck at conference hotel meals for most of four days, but did have a very nice New Mexican lunch at El Tesoro. The pico de gallo and the pozole were especially good. The owner was particularly gracious. After we had stuffed ourselves at the first lunch, he brought us samples of the green chile. At the end of lunch the next day, he brought us samples of all four of the chile sauces that they serve: vegetarian/non vegetarian green/red.

                    1. In the late 80s I spent a weekend in Colorado Springs. There was a place called the Ragin Cajun (is that right?) They had THE BEST Chownhound comfort food. There were two of them in Colorado Springs. Cajun food and very tasty. Gumbo was delicious and everything I had was fresh and tasty. I ended up eating there three times that weekend at both restaurant locations. They were both very similar in quality. I took my wife there a year or so later and it was again exceptional. Great comfort food. Tasty, reasonably priced, filling, a great value. I guess they are gone now. I looked for them a few years back to no avail. Anyone know what happened?

                      1. There is a WONDERFUL Italian deli called Mollica's, I would highly recommend to all. They make their own Italian sausage and they have delicious, high quality sandwiches and all kinds of other good stuff. If you like italian deli cuisine, this is the spot!!!!

                        1. I will second the Blue Star. Fabulous food. Very good range of selections. There is something for everyone. Also would suggest the Warehouse on Cimarron close to downtown. For lunch, La Creperie on Tejon downtown is fabulous, but tight quarters!

                          1. We just spent more than a month in Colorado Springs on business, eating out most luches and dinners. Among the upscale places, we had our best meals at the Summit (in the Broadmoor Hotel), Blue Vervain (56 Park in Manitou Springs), and Bistro de Pinto (26 E. Kiowa, downtown). Our favorite places, however, were smaller, funkier, and less expensive. English Dockside Seafood & Grill (2220 Academy Place, 719-380-7732, lunch and dinner) features wonderfuly fresh fish and shellfish treated with masterful respect by transplanted Florida chef Tomas English. Jamaican Flavor (3016 S. Academy, 719-391-0142, luch and early dinner) flaunts the truth of its name in big, bold ways, particularly when you get the spicy versions of the authentic dishes. Rudy's Little Hideaway (1721 S. Nevada, 719-632-9527, breakfast and lunch) advertizes and delivers a great taste of Zacatecas, Mexico. The hot green chile on eggs will keep you humming all day.

                            1. Edelweiss - fantastic German food
                              The Loop - wonderful Mexican food (awesome queso) but it's in Manitou Springs

                              1. Well, in case other visit this thread late in the game (like I did--I'm going to check out Blue Star), I'd like to mention Adam's Mountain Cafe in adjacent Manitou Springs.

                                They serve delicious organic dishes, and are well-known for their breakfasts. Make sure to call in for reservations, they are very popular.

                                934 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO, 719-685-1430