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A look at the Paula Dean Cruise

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This is a surprisingly long article and just snarky enough to make a reader think that the author is genuine when being nice.

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  1. That is TONS of fun...thank you very much for alerting me. Cruises are, de facto, comic gold mines (David Foster Wallace, PJ O'Rourke--and I guarantee she read those both) and I warrant the author had a notion what she was "in for."

    It's shooting fish in a barrel but, while no sport, is still fun.

    What a travesty...what a horror...what a delight!

    Thanks again. I am spreading the mirth, thanks to you!

    1. It's comforting to learn that the boat has a motor and passengers didn't have to take turns at the oars.

      1. Good grief, thanks a bunch for this link! :)

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          On Paula: "One of them could use a famous friend right now and one of them could do with a black one".
          Not to Paula: "I asked what sort of life she led that affords her the luxury of spending her retirement on perpetual vacation, she responds. "I had a husband. And he died".

        2. This is one of the funniest things I have ever read.!

          1. I want the author to be my BFF!

            That was hysterical!

            1. A very well written piece!

              1. Brilliant funny writing. Thanks for sharing!!!

                And for the umpteenth time I will say, the sponsors and partners didn't dump her for saying the 'n' word. They dumped her because she was an embarrassing white hot mess in the eye of the storm.