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Honey by any other name

What are some of your favorite meal ideas that include using honey?

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  1. It pairs nicely with orange and chilies in a glaze for meat or poultry.

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    1. I prefer honey in desserts or baked goods.
      Baklava would be my favorite!! Honey cake is popular at rosh hashanah but i haven't made one myself.

      I made a great breakfast smoothie the other day with rehydrated figs (4), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, plain greek yogurt, and honey to sweeten.

      I use honey as part of the "glue" when making homemade granola bars, and for baked oatmeal.

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        Honey is wonderful on baked fresh figs, with blue cheese.
        Honey by another name is miel (Spanish).

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          Ahhh- i LOVE anything fig!!

          Sabes el pan de higo con alemendras?? Es mi favorito en el mundo..... Con un pocito de miel tambien!
          Como eso:

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            Parece sabroso por seguro! I especially like almendros (almonds) which were the fastest growing tree to recover the canopy in Cozumel that was lost in hurricane Wilma.

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              nice to know they do so well after devastation

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                Indeed, and they are wonderful shade trees and home to birds. The banyans are much slower to recover.

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            I also like honey with most aged sheep and goat cheeses.

        2. cyser,mead, and tea....all beverages....

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            and honey ice cream, homemade and hand cranked

          2. I made a Lebanese ground meat and bulgur dish that had a little honey. It was terrific.

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              that reminds me of a gyros-type recipe using ground beef, raisons and honey, put in pita, then top with Tzatziki sauce of cucumber and sour cream

            2. It's a must-have on cornbread, and that's most often a side for chili soup here.

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                Yes, we make honey-butter for our cornbread w/chili.

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                  Honey butter!! I used to live near a bagel shop with honey butter.....it was perfect on a warm cinnamon raisin.

                2. I've made the following several times -

                  Lemon cake (loaf cake) with strawberries in very little balsamic and a bit of sugar or honey - with whipped cream or creme fraiche sweetened with lavender honey - or plain honey.

                  Honey sweetened whipped creme fraiche is a great substitute for whipped cream.

                  1. Dark chocolate dipped honeycomb.
                    Honey, plain Greek yogurt and toasted walnuts
                    Honey and lemon cake
                    Honey cake
                    Cream honey frosting
                    Drizzled over fresh fruit
                    Honey baked ham

                    1. I love honey, heated up, maybe with cinnamon, as syrup on waffles. Ohh, that's so good!

                      1. Asian type marinades, like teriyaki
                        Couscous with apricots or figs pair great with spices and honey
                        Pizza dough

                        1. not a meal, but i use honey instead of sugar in fruit curds.

                          1. Drizzled on imported parm.

                            1. Drizzled on mullet and smoked using Australian pine.

                              With sour yogurt.

                              On snapper with fresh tarragon and grilled wrapped in a banana leaf.

                              Loading up a knife with smooth peanut butter and dipping in a sour honey. Repeat until one or the other is gone.

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                              1. It's great as a bread ingredient.

                                  1. Honey-ginger glazed salmon is one of my favorites.

                                    1. My chicken marinade for fried chicken evolved to this:
                                      fresh sage
                                      honey (enough to taste in the end product but not sweeten)
                                      black pepper
                                      and most recently, enough salt to make it more like a brine,

                                      1. Mixed with Greek yogurt and sliced banana for breakfast.