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Feb 14, 2014 03:08 PM

Posole and Caldo

This has been brought up in the past, but time to revisit.

Has anyone found a white posole like Las Manitas used to serve? Slowcooked mentioned posole in another post.

Also, on a cold day last week, I had a decent caldo de res at Checko's on Koenig. Huge bowl, marrow bones, calbacitas, corn on the cob, and I think cabbage. The corn was a little undercooked, and the calbacitas were a little over, but the broth was deep and the beef was tender. $5.99

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  1. Las Manitas was my first and last white posole, regrettably, I love pork soups, and theirs was good. I have looked and have not found. I look forward to the responses.

    Not to hijack and change topic, los pinos' rojo version out on hudson bend road off 620 is good enough that we drive from central austin at least twice a month and have for years. I plenty enjoy the taco more pozole two blocks from my house, but Los Pinos' concoction is just plain richer.

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      Man, I've only been to Los Pinos once. I remember that they're red salsa was really good and packed a punch. Need to go again. Amysue has been talking about it for years.

      It seems like a lot of restaurants use the menudo broth for the posole. Is Los Pinos like that? I am not too keen on pork in a beef broth.

      (I do like all the condiments that one gets with posole - makes me feel special.)

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        Amysue can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that broth is anything but pork or maybe chicken based, or both. I don't perceive any beefy component other than what my wife would obviously admit is sitting across from her (guffaw). The soup is achiote red and much deeper in color and a bit thicker than any menudo I've had (which I also love). And yeah, theirs is my favorite salsa in town, probably because it's nicely hot and about 50% garlic. The house corn tortillas aren't bad either. I'd prefer a pig foot bit in there but their chunks are tender and fatty nonetheless. jalapenos, oregano, onion, and cilantro on the side. I need to ask for radishes or cabbage next time. I like that touch with Taco More's version (but it's a lot thinner and less flavorful).