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Feb 14, 2014 02:49 PM

A "nice" Chinese dinner in the SGV

I love Chinese, but am partial to the wonderful regional hole-in-the-wall mom and pop places in the SGV for cheap noodles, dumplings, and the like. I want to take an out-of-town friend out tomorrow night who requested real Chinese (meaning not Panda Express!) and wants to go to the SGV for a really nice and special dinner. All the places I know of there are the down and dirty ones. Can anyone suggest a bigger, fancier place? Maybe one with good crab, etc?

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      1. How much do you want to spend? Do you want "understated" nice or "garishly opulent" nice?

        1. Elite. Great king crab. Unlike Sea Harbour, they will go out and get you one if they don't have it in their tanks. It will add $400-600 to your bill so I agree with raytamsgv, it depends what you're looking for.

          If your emphasis is on crab, I would recommend New Capital Seafood in Rowland Heights. It isn't as "nice" as Elite or Sea Harbour, but you have a better chance of getting more than 1 type of crab there like crystal crab and Australian rock crab in addition to Dungeness and king crab. Cheaper too.

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            just don't cancel your reservation if you get the king crab (right Porthos? hehe)

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              Exactly. 24 hours advance cancellation due to family illness does not fly with Sea Harbour.

          2. "nice & special" not to be found at a mom & pop place.

            though i do really like flavor garden for the fact that there's no one thing to get there because most everything is of the relatively same high standard of otherwise rustic cuisine. their beef roll is one of the best in SGV IMO. their sweet potato pho (yeah, i know) is surprisingly good. their shrimp dumplings actually feature 2 pieces of actual shrimp. the fen zheng pai gu (pork ribs with sweet potato & rice powder) is typically found on at least 2-3 other tables (out of a total of maybe 8 tables) every time i eat there. their fish dumplings are on a par with the ones at qingdao bread food (if you like their fish dumplings, which i do). their beef noodle soup with tendon features hunks of tendon that fill your entire spoon. their scallion pancakes are consistently crispy, chewy but not greasy. the last time i went for lunch it was packed - people waiting outside for a table. the only other place i've ever seen that on a weekday is chengdu taste.

            if you want crab, i suggest the garlic crab special at seafood village. which also a little nicer in terms of ambiance compared to a mom & pop place.