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Jun 14, 2006 11:43 AM

Four Corners Restaurants

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Is there anything better than chain slop available in the Four Corners area?

I'm visiting from NY in late fall, and while I'll be in a place with a kitchenette, I'd prefer not to cook every meal.

I'll also be visiting Sedona and Scottsdale, but I've got those covered, thanks to all the great recommendations on this site.


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    Seth Chadwick


    The Four Corners area is truly out in the middle of nowhere. With the possible exception of some roadside stands serving frybread at Four Corners itself (and there is no guarantee that they will be set up or open), you would have to travel to one of the larger villages/towns in the area (Farmington, NM - Cortez, CO - Moab, UT - Kayenta, AZ).

    I don't know what is available in NM, CO or UT, but in Kayenta or Chinle (AZ) you will find mostly fast food or Denny's. These are small, Native American communities where most of the food is cooked at home and the fast food chains exist for travelers.

    I will say, however, that I had a good meal at the lodge at Canyon de Chelly National Monument (green chile stew with frybread), but Canyon de Chelly is quite a drive from Four Corners.

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      Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Seth.

      I'll be staying in Kayenta, and hope to have some good Navajo tacos. But, I guess I'll plan on cooking most dinners.

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        We'll be driving that way in a couple of weeks as we move from SLC to Dallas. If we find anything good, I'll post and let you know.

        1. re: Teri UT

          Yep, nothing doing. Stick to the frybread. And bring plenty of water.

          I will say that the Navajo Wind Talker museum in Kayenta is pretty cool. It's in a Burger King. Grab a coke and check out the exhibit.

          Another Gayle (spelled the RIGHT way!)


    2. Goulding's Lodge is fairly close and has a fairly good dining room with fry bread and green chili and other local fare.I used to travel through there a lot but haven't been in several years.The Holiday Inn in Kayenta had Denny's type food.

      1. I don't know where you're staying the the 4 corners' area, but if you're anywhere near Mesa Verde, it's worth a drive to the restaurant at the Far View Lodge inside the park. It's called Metate, and it's a destination restaurant as far as I'm concerned. I posted earlier in June about this place. Don't know if it's doable, but if you're going all the way to Chinle, you certainly could go to M.V.

        1. I just spent the weekend in my hometown of Farmington. Saturday lunch was at Three Rivers Eatery & Brewhouse, 101 E Main St, and I was not disappointed. New Mexico Magazine, Chowhound and other message boards had all spoken very highly of this place - so I had to check it out. It was the only restaurant meal I had in Farmington and it was great. The Saturday lunch special was an open face roast beef sandwich on a french loaf with provoline and parmesan cheeses, diced fresh tomato, sliced basil, quartered artichoke hearts and thinly sliced roast beef - of course. It was great, the fries were as good as fries generally get, and the homemade root beer was fantastic.

          Much closer to Kayenta is the Four Corners monumnet, where there will be (in tourist season, at least) Navajo vendors selling Navajo tacos and fry bread from the back of pickup trucks. Just make sure you are hungry when you arrive, because the Navajo tacos are huge.