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Allspice in the pepper mill

I'm late to the party in discovering the appeal of the Two Fat Ladies, but am working my way through the DVD collection, mostly for their clever and captivating banter. In addition, listening to them work on the Aga, I've had a few "aha!" moments. One is to put some allspice berries into the pepper grinder along with the black peppercorns. I only have ground allspice on hand but put the berries on my shopping list, and will think about other seeds or berries that could work in partnership with peppercorns as all-purpose seasoning options.

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  1. I see packaged pepper and spice combos at the supermarket, even in disposable grinders

    Perhaps they could give inspiration

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      Trader joes has several varieties, although i'm blanking on what they are specifically right now...

      I refilled one of those disposable ones from TJs with a combo of sea salt and penzey's tellicherry peppercorns and love it.

    2. If you like a bit of heat(or is it more of a warm "bite"?) consider adding white peppercorns to your mix.
      I'll be honest, I like to keep my peppercorns/berries separate and blend as I cook...but can see the appeal of having all in an easy-to-grab grinder.

      And have fun with the "Fat Ladies". I can watch their videos endlessly...and always learn something new (and I'm a dreaded vegetarian!).

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        Unfortunately, the white peppercorns generally available in the USA are of terrible quality. Kinda like coffee in the USA decades ago. At least now one can buy things like:


      2. I have black and Jamaican pepper in one of my mills. ~~ Careful! ~ It's addictive!

        1. Caroline1 has Szechuan pepper in one of her mills, and I have a mixture of black, white, rose and allspice in mine.

          1. Pink peppercorns are a nice addition too.

            1. Grains of paradise would be a good addition.

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                Wow, I had to look that up but they sound like just the ticket: something with all-purpose possibilities. Thanks for the idea!

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                  We use grains of paradise in place of whole black pepper.

              2. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. My threshhold for capsaicum-type heat is fairly low but some of these sound like they add dimension rather than heat.

                I will have to get hold of some cheaper grinders, like the kind some peppers are now packaged in. I don't want to veer far off course with my current grinder. I inherited it from my mother. It may be nearing 100 yrs old and was probably made in Germany. No markings on it, anywhere, but the barrel is wooden, seemingly hand-hewn. The grind is very fine and the mechanism seems impervious to wear. I don't want to chance the wood becoming permeated with a flavor that I wind up not wanting to use ubiquitously in my daily cooking.

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                  Those $2 ones at trader joes are exactly what you need- you can just empty out what's in them and set aside for later. The grind is fairly coarse fyi, like sand vs dust.
                  Your peppergrinder sounds like such a wonderful family heirloom!