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Moody's Delicatessen and Provisions

Ridiculous. This is how I rate this place. I went in because we saw it in the Boston Mag. We ordered three sandwiches. An outstanding pastrami on crispy and buttery rye. A delicious, herbacious, spicy bahn mi and mustardy cubano with roasted pork, not sliced. All three were excellent and I am really just not a sandwich person or sandwiches just sucked growing up. They don't here.

While we waited I tried half a dozen salami's and bought a few. All made in house. I tried an excellent spicy sopresosata, a great salami with ghost peppers in it, but not very spicy, a very very salami spread, a classic french with white wine and lastly fennel and orange peel salami. We purchased the last two as my wife doesn't like that much spice, but they were all amazing.

Lastly, we bought some of the chicken liver pate which normally is too strong for me, but this was light and flavorful and amazing.

This is a great place to explore and discover. One of the things i really liked to see was that there was one guy working the counter and three chefs in the kitchen. Chef driven? I'd say so.

I almost forgot, I winced on the inside at the "truffled" potato chips, but they were so good that I nearly finished the bag before I hit the door. Made every morning.

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  1. I went today and got the Bahn Mi sandwich and the breakfast pork/egg/cheese sandwich for tomorrow morning. I got home about 1/2 hour later and the Bahn Mi was a soggy mess. Not a traditional Bahn Mi.....instead of vegetables, it was dripping with cole slaw that tasted like some fish sauce had been added to the watery mayo dressing the slaw was made with. The bottom of the bread was falling apart and I finally gave up and got a knife and fork. A big mess. Likewise, I went to rewrap the breakfast sandwich and the cheese had melted all over the foil because they weren't careful when wrapping it and the bottom 1/2 of the English muffin was also soggy from the very wet egg mixture. I rewrapped it with a paper towel under it in the wrap. I also got some pastrami for the weekend and that was very good. The best I've had in a while. Can't say I'll be making a special trip back there anytime soon.

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      With all due respect, meow, I think it's unfair to judge their sandwiches so harshly when sampled as take out.

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        Well...it's primarily a take out place. There are only about 4 tables to eat in. Just telling my experience. I was pretty disappointed.

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          The definition of Bahn Mi has really spread too far. I have been disappointed with most nontraditional Bahn Mi I have had, including the one at Strip T's.

          That said I got to check out Moody's once so far and would love to have that place closer to me. Most of the offerings looked incredible.

          1. How do sopressata & sausage prices run per lb?

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                Yeah, it's not cheap, but it is hand made so I cut them some slack there

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                  A truly great place but not for the faint of wallet. You can drop 100usd here in a heartbeat. Be prepared for 20+usd/lb for the labor intensive stuff.

                  I think its worth it but I heard my dining companion actually gasp.

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                    Is there an option other that USD? Do they take Bitcoin?

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                      Possibly, maybe soon.

                      If it was a snarky reference to the way I write then stuff it.
                      It seems to be the easiest way to be precise when one often is talking to lots of people internationally.

              2. I really like this place and am thrilled it has opened up so close to me. I've definitely dropped a few bucks here, and most has been worth every penny.

                My husband says the pastrami is so good it should be illegal. We've had it both cold and quickly griddled with Swiss melted in. Both ways are fantastic. The bacon is house-cured and quite delicious. It's pretty fatty and fries up nice and crispy. There isn't as much smoke as I expected, but the flavors really come through. They've been out of the bacon a couple of times lately and Josh behind the counter (an incredibly nice guy, and extremely knowledgeable) said they can't make it fast enough. The rabbit terrine and afore-mentioned chicken liver mousse are also first-rate, as is the sopressata. The mole salami is interesting, and not overpowering, but I liked the more traditional hot salami better. We've also loved the kielbasa and are looking forward to having a bratwurst dinner soon. We also enjoyed the large (1/3lb?) hot dogs, but thought they were more sausage-like than dog-like, although I noticed last time we were there that they are selling smaller dogs now so I'll have to give them a shot.

                I'm willing to pay top-dollar for charcuterie that is crafted with such care and high-quality ingredients. I'm less willing to spend big bucks for the sides, though. They seem a little too pricey. The potato salad is tangy and a little mustardy, but the potatoes have been too crunchy for my taste both times I've tried it, and too expensive to get often. None of the other sides wve tried e've really stood out so I think I'll just stick to the meats. It would be nice to have affordable sides to round out the meal, though.

                Oh, and they sometimes sell stock in the refrigerator/freezer cases. The selection has varied every time we've been. We picked up some pork stock to use in a kielbasa soup, and the stock was really rich and gelatinous. I think it was $8/qt., and worth it. That's probably on a par with places like Formaggio, and I think the stock was even better quality. I'll definitely "stock up" (sorry) next time I'm there.

                catsmeow, I haven't tried takeout so I can't speak to that. I've just gotten meats and cheeses to make sandwiches at home on bulkie rolls or Iggy's French rolls. Those sandwiches have been awesome.

                I'm sure the market is still a work in progress and will evolve over time. I sure hope it is successful and stays around. Hopefully it is the beginning of a Moody St. revival.

                1. My bahn mi was soggy too, but I thought that it was because we had it in the car for a while. I still liked the flavors and textures though I agree crunchy bread would have been preferable.

                  In my experience with bahn mi one can really put anything on it, any assortment of meats and pates and sausages then top it with some carrots, jicima, sweetened fish sauce and cilantro. Oh and on that specific kind of roll. I have had them with cartelidge and pate and vietnamese sausages and meatballs.

                  I think in that case that these western versions are totally acceptable and can have even more layers of textures or flavors. I loved the pork belly on the one at Moody's. At Mei Mei, their amazing bahn mi has the most incredible liver mousse on it that has made it one of the best bahn mi's I have tasted.

                  My two cents. Getting ready to enjoy our salamis with a few Wasik's cheeses. Yum.

                  1. On my next visit, I'm definitely getting the pulled pork to try. Another customer was raving about it last time I was there.

                    1. Thank you for the tip on the salami with the ghost peppers. Moody's calls this variety "mole" -- it's also flavored with chocolate (the person helping us may have said Valhrona?) in addition to the chiles. We just picked some up to enjoy at home tonight.

                      I'd also like to recommend Moody's house-made sauerkraut, which they sell in the refrigerator case. It's flavored with apple, caraway seed, and juniper berries. Delicious with sausages. I've also used their kraut to make something at home called langos (which in my family's Slovak-influenced tradition is rather like a sauerkraut-filled calzone that you rub with a cut garlic clove dipped in kosher salt). So good.

                      We missed out on the truffled potato chips, though. Apparently those sell out for the day very quickly, especially on Saturdays.

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                        Yes, the juniper is an intriguing and delicious flavor in the kraut. That langos sounds awesome.

                        1. re: bear

                          Choucroute garnie usually has juniper.

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                            Talking about juniper berries just sent me straight to my freezer to retrieve some locally raised pork to pair with that Moody's sauerkraut for tomorrow's dinner. Perfect weather for choucroute.

                        2. You had me at Cuban sandwich.

                          1. Unfortunately for Moody's the city of Waltham has decided that they can no longer have tables and seats. A totally political decision. They've had seats for over four months. Please support Moody's and write the elected officials of Waltham. I believe Robert Logan is the political wonk looking at the issue. And let's be serious folks who would you rather have in your neighborhood, the guy across from Moody's selling dildos, or someone selling excellent pork products.

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                              Lol, that's "Amazing". That's the name of the store right? I miss Salem Foods though, I wonder what happened? It was so nice to have a North End level market without the North End hassle. Where am I going to get salted capers, pecorino peppato and unusual dried pastas at good prices?

                              1. re: tatsu

                                Here's what happened to Salem Foods: http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/...

                                FWIW, Moody's is not Salem Foods per se, but what it is is a much welcome addition to the neighborhood. Prices are not cheap, but they're not needlessly exorbitant either given the TLC put into the ingredients. Grab a sandwich (any will do) and I doubt you'll be focused on the extra few $.

                                (Also be sure to check out the rotating array of stuff in the cases- this winter there's been a random assortment of truly outstanding soups to make you forget it's likely snowing outside)

                              2. re: jjbourgeois

                                Pretty outrageous. Thanks, I will definitely make myself heard.

                                1. re: jjbourgeois

                                  The law in Waltham is that places (on Moody Street) with less than 50 seats have to have table service. This local law has been in effect for many years and was adopted to protect local business from takeover by fast food chains. Ever notice how there are no chains on Moody? That's why.

                                  I certainly don't want this gem of a place to suffer, but this will not put them out of business selling their lovely crafted products. It only affects the restaurant aspect of the business. I'm sure they must have known about this, because you have to go up in front of the board to get a license before you even start your business, and if food service is involved you have to directly address this point from the get go.

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                                    Learning the reasons for policies- is so helpful. It doesn't mean they're perfect or couldn't be improved, but helpful to know that the intention behind them is a good one.

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                                      The old Salem Foods had a table or two. I definitely recall buying a sandwich and bringing it to the table.

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                                        Not sure how the city defines table service. If it simply means food needs to be ordered at and delivered to the table it should not be a problem. Josh has enough help to get this done without any major changes

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                                        You are correct about what you said. Trying to improve the neighborhood and bringing in new business to the area is better for everyone. The sleazy business across the street is ok but not to have a place to sit and eat a fresh handmade sandwich is not ok. It sounds like small town politics to me. Maybe another business is feeling a pinch since Moody's moved in and they complained to the city of Waltham.

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                                          Theory: The store owner across the street put the kibosh on the seats in Moody's provisions in an effort to shut them down. There's only room for one salami business on Moody street....

                                          1. Finally got there on Saturday. The tables and chairs are back. I had the pastrami sandwich, which comes on excelent grilled rye with cheese and a (for me) very hot mustard with peppers which I thought overpowered the excellent pastrami. So of course I bought a bunch of pastrami to take home and fix my way. Also bought some of the excellent Genoa salami, a package of hot Italian sausages (have not tried yet) and a container of "sauer-ruben" which is like sauerkraut but made with turnips and rutabaga instead of cabbage. Last night I made a pastrami sandwich (lovely fatty pastrami!) with a bit of Dijon and some sauer-ruben and it was probably the best pastrami sandwich I have ever had. That pastrami absolutely rocks.

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                                              I was there on Saturday as well. Have to say I like the actual pastrami at Commonwealth a little more. Moody's had better bread and toppings. They were overwhelmed by the crowds - were apparently on Phantom Gourmet that day - but the owner & his staff handled it really well. Offered up all kinds of free stuff. We will probably get back there when they're a little less busy.

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                                                OK well that means I'd better get myself over to Kendall and try the pastrami at Commenwealth!

                                              2. According to Boston Hidden Restaurants, Moody's will be expanding into the Wings Express space next to it. The new place will give then seating for 50, including a bar and an "island of slicers". This is really good news for the Waltham dining scene.

                                                Additionally, they will be opening a large commercial manufacturing facility in Waltham so that they can distribute nationally.

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