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Feb 14, 2014 02:06 PM

Restaurant Recs for the Millstone Area

Mr Bean and I have to take the Sprout to a birthday party in Millstone on Saturday. Rather than drive home and then back again to pick her up we thought maybe there was someplace interesting to eat in the area. I did do a search but did not find much of anything. And since I am not familiar with the area couldn't really tell what might be convenient.

We're dropping her off at 7 and have to pick her up at 11:00. Any ideas?


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  1. The Americana Diner in Hightstown has always looked interesting, but we've never been. Looks more upscale than a typical diner. Serves wine, beer, etc if that's of interest. And probably wouldn't be a bad spot to kill a couple hrs.

    Another option is one of the places along Farnsworth Ave in nearby Bordentown. Here's some options:

    Oliver a Bistro
    Farnsworth House
    Under the Moon Café

    1. Is Freehold too far? Maybe some others can give you a few suggestions.


        A very pretty place to sit outside in the warm weather not a big deal inside. The food when it is good is quite good. I loved their lentil soup. Friends of ours rave about it. We have been there three times and two out of three were good, not rave worthy but good. I think their pizza was good, but not sure if I am confusing it, but the lentil soup I do remember! It is the location you need...

        1. Thank you all for the suggestions.

          Mr. Bean was very interested in trying some of the bourbons at The Farnsworth House. Unfortunately, because so many of the guest were coming from throughout Monmouth county, the party was cancelled due to weather. We ended up at Porta Pizza in Asbury Park (much closer to home).