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Feb 14, 2014 01:14 PM

Would you eat it if . . .

This query arose from a recent comment by someone on this site about eating food that had been harvested or produced under abusive conditions, and the fact that you probably would eat it anyway ( grapes anyone?). I started thinking about my childhood, my mother's childhood and a conversation I had one time about capital punishment ( I live in Texas and many of you know of the controversy over capital punishment here ( How long has it been since you executed somebody? Well, thas' too long.))

I was debating capital punishment with a friend, who favored it, and I asked simply, " Would you be willing to pull the switch ( to the electric chair) After regaining their color , they meekly replied "No." End of debate.

Now I ask you, if you had to kill whatever it was that you eat,would you be willing to do so? Would you even be able to watch it being killed and slaughtered, and is it relevant even to ask such a question?

The supposition is that if you do not feel able to do it your self or at least watch it being killed and cut to pieces., should you be eating it?

I recall as a young boy hanging out at the local butcher shop and seeing cattle and pigs being killed ( kindly with a single .22 shot to the skull) and remember my mother describing hog killing season when she was a young girl. ( Hang them up, slit their throats, bleed them out, then cut them up.)

What do you think folks. Should eating a product have the hidden supposition that you should be able to kill, harvest it before you eat it, or is okay to require someone else to do the dirty work and just not think about it.

( I saw the movie " Fastfood Nation" and still have qualms over eating grocery store chicken although I continue to do so. But OTOH, I saw my mother ring a lot of chickens necks. Personally, I preferred a hatchet)

Looking forward to your comments.

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  1. Singlemalt,

    As someone who helped my dad catch/filet fish, and my nana kill and prepare live chickens, using your arguments, if I wished to live terribly honestly, I would limit my meat consumption to fish, shellfish, chicken and mammals.

    1. Vivisection is cutting into living animals. You may want to edit your OP.

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      1. I am by nature squeamish. I would not have the intestinal fortitude to perform any sort of invasive surgery -- ranging from removing an infected appendix, cancerous growth, or open-heart surgery. I have no moral qualms about, and indeed am grateful that, there are many doctors who willingly perform such surgery. In other words, one's squeamishness to perform the task itself cannot suffice as a measure of its moral rectitude.

        1. It would be hard for me to kill Cows and Pigs and Deer etc - I am too empathetic - unfortunately they are also very tasty animals and I am not as principled as I could be I guess - I think if held to this standard it would be fish and chicken for me - I have not so much empathy for chickens.

          1. Not every person has every skill or inclination. That's a practical matter, not a moral one.