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Feb 14, 2014 12:20 PM

Looking for Indian lunch buffet (Hicksville area, more or less)

I want to bring someone who's inexperienced with Indian food to an Indian restaurant for lunch, and I'm thinking that a buffet--where they can sample different things--is the best way to go.

Of course, buffets often don't have the restaurant's best offerings; New Chili and Curry, e.g., is a great place for dinner, but their lunch buffet is unexceptional. I'm hoping to find a place that's a cut above the ordinary.

The Hicksville area (where they're clustered) would be convenient. I'm not looking to go too much further east or west--say within a half-hour or so of the Nassau/Suffolk line.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Chennai Dosas and Kiran Palace

    Although I'd like to hear from mcf, I'll add these two:

    Kiran Palace

    67 E Old Country Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801

    (516) 932-5191

    A vegetarian friend of mine from India enjoys this place. This is in Delco Plaza. Smallish Buffet, with vegetarian and meat dishes. Nothing too spicy, nothing too boring. For a first timer, this is one place I might bring them.

    Chennai Dosas

    128 S Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

    (516) 681-5151

    Besides the Dosas, they have a lunch buffet that is popular with nongringos and gringos like me. A bit better than some, and is vegetarian only.

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      Right, I'd forgotten about Kiran; I'd taken my nephew there a half-dozen years ago for lunch. It had been pretty good.

    2. Here are six recs from Joan Reminick:

      I wasn't blown away at a recent dinner visit to Mirchi (new place, same complex as Patel Bros.) but they sounded serious about about buffet. On the second Sunday of the month, they put on a “Special Mega Lunch Buffet” with more than 40 items for $16.95.

      1. Kiran Palace is my overall favorite.The dishes are all tasty, the naan is excellent. Delhi 6 has much more heat in the food and if you prefer spice then I would recommend this one. I believe, it also has soup which Kiran Palace lacks. Both are recommended.

        1. New Chilli and Curry is the best place, best hosts, best food, hands down. Owned by the staff who gave Kiran palace its reputation years ago. Have not seen the Hicksville Kiran Palace rated as high in the years since. I've only had the lunch buffet at NCC once, since we have menu faves we crave, but it was a good bargain.

          The wait for dinners is out the door later than 6 or 7 p.m., but lunch is quiet.

          Kiran Palace, Commack is not worth trying, in our experience, despite the repeated inclusion by Newsday.

          Husband recently tried it again, after it made the Newsday list, with an Indian friend, they had nothing good to say, will not be going back. We tried it when it first opened there for dinner and never returned.

          We always liked Royal Bukhara Grill for dinners in Hicksville, but see a lot of slippage reported on their lunch buffet, though not universally. Change of ownership appears to have taken place, according to reviews.

          ETA: We had a very good dinner at Rangmahal years ago, I see they have lunch hours, too.

          1. I give Kiran my rec. Good, flavorful and if they have the carrot dessert (Halwa) you are in for a real treat.