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Feb 14, 2014 11:49 AM

Happy hour question

I'll be in Seattle arriving 10PM on Thurs. the 27th then three full nights. So I assume that means I only have only day to enjoy happy hour (we're not allowed liquor deals in MA sadly). Alas, that's the one day I can meet a friend who doesn't drink for dinner. So I'm hoping to find a good spot for a quick bite/drink on the early side. Not sure if any start at 3:00 but certainly 4PM. Will probably be walking around downtown and Capitol Hill, going back to the apt in Queen Anne then dinner in Belltown. Any thoughts for an interesting one that's more than $3 Buds and wings? Or if anyone has a Sun. HH? Thanks.

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  1. Toulouse Petite has a super happy hour menu that starts at 4.

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      +1--My favorite happy hour in town!

      It runs 4 - 6 pm, every day of the week (so you're not limited to just Thursday!) You will want to be there pretty close to when happy hour starts, if you want a table--it's that popular.

      They have a second happy hour 10 pm - 1 am, too.

      My second-favorite is Metropolitan Grill . My budget doesn't stretch to cover dinner there, so happy hour is the closest I'll get--but you can make a pretty good meal off it, relatively cheap. Theirs runs 3 - 6 pm, Monday - Friday.

    2. I think this might help you on your visit:


      1. -lost pelican

        all in belltown. AWESOME food, good portions, CHEAP prices! drink specials too. list's food is 50% all day sunday, innkeeper is 3-6 each day, lost pelican is 3-7 every day. enjoy.

        japonessa downtown also has good deals and in the bar happy hour is all but 2 hours or so of the day, 7 days/week.

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