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Boulder, CO help needed

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Headed to Boulder in the near future. Need recommendations for the best chow available, any price range or type of cuisine. Have heard that Frasca is excellent so already have a reservation there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Congrats on the Frasca reservation. Not easy to get anymore.

    I have enjoyed L'Atelier, Mateo and Aji which are all nearby Frasca. The Kitchen is supposed to be pretty good but have not tried. I like Sushi Zanmi if you are in the mood for Sushi. Walnut Cafe or Luciles for breakfast.



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      A lesser known "secret" about The Kitchen is that they make a fantastic breakfast. If you are here over the weekend, hit them for brunch. Another great Boulder brunch is Zolo, on Arapahoe between Folsom and 28th Street. The chicken enchiladas are great- and they've recently added a SW style Chicken Fried chicken to the brunch menu- with a corn meal crust. It's pretty tasty. I'm a sucker for their margaritas.

      I agree about L'atelier and Mateo, not so much on Aji. I like the cocktails, however!

    2. Ditto on the congrats on your Frasca reservation -- I have had some of the best meals I've ever eaten there, and I think the service is unequaled in Boulder. I never eat at Sushi Zanmai anymore because the fish is so much better at Sushi Tora. I also think Zolo is way overrated, but their guacamole is really good. I like Jax Fish House downtown (which like Zolo is owned by Dave Query), and The Kitchen is good (I second the breakfast recommendation). For breakfast, Lucile's is still one of the best bets in town. Lighter eaters can get half orders, which leaves you more room for extras like the obligatory beignets. Ras Kassa's Ethiopian on 30th is good for dinner. The Mountain Sun downtown (and Southern Sun at Broadway and Table Mesa) is great for local microbrews and cheap, good pub food.

      1. If price is no object, I'd certainly recommend Flagstaff House. Both the food and the service are excellent, and the setting is spectacular!


        Q's Restaurant in the Boulderado is another excellent spot that doesn't get a lot of attention over here (at least not as much as some of the others). They have a great brunch, but you can't go wrong for any meal.


        1. Can't believe I forgot to mention Tom's Tavern. Great quickly made griddle-cooked burgers (go to The Hungry Toad if you want flame-grilled) and perfect french fries (also good at the Toad). They use good beef and do a great diner-style menu (although I tend to request my sandwiches without the supermarket-quality "dips" of macaroni salad or potato salad -- as far as I'm concerned that stuff just pollutes the burger and fries). It's at 11th and Pearl, across from the pedestrian mall. Around $10 for a burger and beverage, but worth it every time. And if it comes out too rare for you, send it back; you'll have a new plate cheerfully delivered in two more minutes.

          1. I agree with the Frasca recomendation and disagree with the Flagstaff vote...just ate there last week and was sadly disappointed; food and service were bad, bad, bad.
            Jax's fish house is a solid favorite of ours, as is Trilogies and Bistro Ten Ten.

            1. I would say you should at least go to Aji for Apperizers and drinks. The Pablano Empenadas and the Coconut Curry Ceviche are fantastic. As far as the Central American main courses go, they are hit or miss. I had a great Chicken a dumpling dish but struck out on the short-ribs.

              The Kitchen is usually top notch. If they have mussels on the days menu they are almost always worth a try. Breakfast and Lunch at the Kitchen are a steal compared to dinner.

              I second the vote for the Mountain Sun, fantastic grub and beer served by the local hippies that won't set you back very much.. try Tim's Blackened Quesadilla or one of their burgers.

              Khow Thai on Arapahoe and Broadway is great for casual thai and by far the best Thai in Boulder.

              About Frasca, they are the talk of the town, but I haven't been there personally.. one word of advice.. DO NOT EVEN PICK UP THE WINE LIST... They have two master sommeliers (there are just over 50 total in the entire US). Ask for a wine suggestion and you will not be disappointed.

              Although many here may disagree about the food, The Rio Grande has good mexican food (I like the beef dishes and the two "Del Mar" dishes and of course they have great margaritas.

              L'Atelier (French) great food and wine, but extremely noisy.

              The Med - Good Grub, Trendy.

              Mateo - Provencal French, alway good, moderately priced.

              The Sunflower - Although it is being shaded by hot new Aji, the kitchen, and Frasca, the Sunflower which features many vegitarian and organic food is a great spot for lunch.

              1. Always good: Hotel Boulderado, Sunflower, Frasca. Also for tasty, good,inexpensive Vietnamese try Chez Thuy on 28th.