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Feb 14, 2014 10:37 AM

Bamkuchen, Trdelnik, Sakotis, Sekacz, Spettekaka, or Kürtőskalács

Looking for any of the above...all have a similarity, ring pastries cooked by wrapping around a bakery spit. In Manhattan preferably, but anywhere in NYC. Let me know if anyone has any leads!

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  1. The only bakeries I know for fresh baumkuchen are in Queens. Chimney Cakes in LIC makes the Romanian version. Stork's Pastry in Whitestone makes the German version.

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    1. Believe it or not -- They have it at Minamoto Kitchoan on Madison -- everything they make is divine. It's one of the European cakes that's very popular in Japan.

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          Ditto because of the Japanese connection...