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Feb 14, 2014 10:26 AM


This new izakaya opened to the public on February 11 2014. I was the first customer to arrive and the rest of the customers were under 30. I'm not Japanese but I eat a lot of Japanese food so I think I know what's good.

Chicken thigh yakitori was well grilled and lightly seasoned but came with no sauce so it was bland.
Salmon chunk wrapped in nori yakitori also came with no sauce. No salt made this dish even blander.
Chicken kara-age used a weird batter and was very greasy. I had a pain in my stomach after eating this dish. It came with a nice yuzu mayo sauce.
Bowl of rice with lukewarm rice. WTF!

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  1. What else is on the menu, from what you remember?

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    1. Did they tape your $20 bill to the wall?

      1. How does it compare to Imadake or Iwashi?

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          Imadake has more food choices but I don't eat 2/3 of their food. Iwashi has less items (smaller space) but everything I had there so far is worth a repeat. Misoya is my ramen of choice in Montreal.

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            So, in essence, not worth wasting the time with Biiru, compared to the others (both of which I visit regularly)? And I agree that Misoya definitely has the best ramen.

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          1. The original comment has been removed