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Feb 14, 2014 10:20 AM

need beautifully lit / romantic restaurant for hubby

can anyone recommend a nice restaurant to take hubby? his palette is not too adventurous and it will be a belated V-day dinner.
would prefer beautifully lit space.
ideally under $30/entrees.


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    1. re: kathryn

      Monday. I can go up in price, no issue.

      Thanks for the other threads.

      BTW - I was on the Hawaii board and was tickled pink to see your reviews. I'm going in April / May. Maui - Wailea, Hana and Kauai - North Shore. Any new items of note I should be aware of?

      1. re: batgirl284

        My latest reviews should be fairly recent as we were there late Dec/early Jan over the holidays. We did really like the craft cocktails at the new Andaz but they cost as much as they do in Manhattan!

        The Hawaii dining scene moves a bit more slowly than NY!

    2. Just had drinks and cheese at lela bar and that was a blast. Also a huge fan of Flex Mussels if you want to go seafood. Downtown there is a relatively new place called the Trading Post that I also really like. If you want to do something special, grab a drink at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It has seating overlooking Columbus Circle on like the 40th or so floor.