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Jun 13, 2006 04:30 PM

(PHX) Washington & 44th Lunch Ideas

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New client is in the 44th Street and Washington area and I am in active search for some good lunch spots. Some that I know are in the area (or stiking distance)include:

Everything on University from Priest to Mill
The scary corner of Priest and Washington
Honey Bears (now hit or miss)
Ranch Market @ 16th (viable if not pressed for time)
Chinese Cultural Center (not thrilled with Golden Buddha - but Szechuan Palace has been pretty good)

Any other suggestions for lunch in an hour would be aprpeciated. The more varied the food the better.



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  1. As an alternative to Honey Bears, there's Hap's Pit Barbecue, 4801 E Washington St Phoenix AZ


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    1. re: John Seberg

      Please do not waste your time or money eating here. Recently visited and it was awful. The "smoked" chicken salad was especially bad and their idea of "garlic toast" is a warmed over hamburger bun with a bit of grease on it.
      No value or real taste for the money.

      1. re: doubleddae

        Really? I have enjoyed Hap's. I haven't ordered the smoked chicken, though. I almost always order the pulled pork. I have also tried the beef brisket, which I thought was good too.

        I do agree that some of their sides are not that good. I was not impressed with the cole slaw or the potato salad, both are bland. So I always get the mashed potatoes.

        1. re: jewel4352

          I was actually going to agree with doubleddae. I withdraw any of my Phoenix area barbeque recommendations. I didn't even like Joe's in Gilbert enough to recommend it. But, that said, Hap's is probably the best sparerib I've had in the area. Service and sides have been just too bad for me to return. For anyone needing a pork fix, I would steer them to Los Sombreros, Barrio Cafe, and Richardson's before any barbeque joint.

    2. I could use suggestions, too! I start work tomorrow at 44th and Thomas.

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      1. re: themis

        How about Thai Lahna? 3738 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ

        1. re: John Seberg
          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          One of my favorites, Autumn Court, is in the same parking lot, and I know they have a lunch menu.


          1. re: JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            and though certainly not for everyday unless you plan to eat while sitting on the edge of your coffin, don't underestimate the chicago burger place on 38th and Indian School. But bring cash.

            There are a few decent places there.... travel down Indian School to 44th and there are a few more restuarants.

      2. I have just started a new job on 16th and University and find myself in the same predicaments. One little cafe that a co-worker introduced me to today was the Peppersauce Cafe right off the 1-10 and 40th Street. Great sandwhiches and daily blue plate specials.

        One of the best patty melts I have had in a while.

        1. i

          Here are the places that I know generally in the area. 16th St. seems like it's a gold mine of places waiting to be discovered.

          Knock Kneed Lobster (32nd St. and Washington) - excellent fried cod

          Viva Maria/Via Marie (32nd St. and Thomas) - if you can find them open then you can get great shredded beef hard tacos, beef enchiladas in green sauce, and green chile beef tostadas (although the green chile beef isn't what it used to be)

          San Carlos Bay (19th St. and McDowell) - Mexican seafood, specifically the fish or shrimp in garlic sauce

          Barrio Cafe (16th St. and Thomas) - other people have said enough about what's good

          Jay's Gyros (48th St. and Broadway) - gyros

          The Barbecue Company (36th St. south of Broadway) - thick sliced beef brisket, Texas twister (beef brisket with fried onions)

          Most of this was taken from my food map.


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          1. re: IamJacksBrain

            Your map idea has been on my to-do list for several months. Very nice!

            There are definitely some things on this list I'd like to try.

            I'll make it to San Carlos Bay, someday, but, whenever I pass by, I think to myself that the best $2 fish taco is just a few blocks away at Ranch Market.

            I went to Via Marie earlier this week, without the benefit of your guidance. I had a combo with a red enchilada, shredded beef taco, rice, and beans. The taco was okay. I can't remember the last time I had a fried corn taco. I thought the beef was a little salty, but, I finished it. I could not finish the rest of the combo. It was just not fresh and too salty for my taste. The rice was really bad, sitting in a pool of water in its compartment of the polystyrene container.

            Although further West on Thomas, I was much happier at Juan's (which Seth recently reviewed) at 1516 E Thomas, Phoenix, AZ.


            1. re: John Seberg


              It's disappointing to hear about your experience at Viva Maria/Via Marie, but differences in taste and off days at restaurants do occur though. I've never been to Viva Maria/Via Marie on an off day, but plenty of times when they've decided to have a day off.

          2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I now have one to add to the list OPA Greek Grill at 48th Street and Indian School in the Safeway Plaza. Nice, fresh, chicken picado salad. Other salads looked good and my dining companions enjoyed their gyros.