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Feb 14, 2014 10:12 AM

Edmonds/Burnaby Quick and Awesome?

So I've posted similar before, but we've switched our route, so I'm back asking for new amazing restaurants on our drives to/from Whistler:

Our old route (Boundary Way) got us to a wealth of options (favorites: Yummy Mammy, Joyce Jaozi, Joyce St. Market). But now we take 20th/Griffiths to Canada Way.

Obviously we're huge Alvin Garden fans, and Anatolia's Gate makes a great stop. We've also hit Safari Snacks and Dosa Grill (now Chettinad Dosa?) a number of times. Sometimes we'll get further off course and hit D Roti Shack.

I'm wondering what else is really great and interesting over there? Most interested in Chinese, Indian, other harder to find things here in Seattle. Less interested in Japanese, Vietnamese, Western European, Korean, American (unless something super unique), as we have pretty good versions here in Seattle.

Any cool places I'm overlooking? Ideally right on that route or just a few blocks off, and need to be open until about 9pm, as we usually get there around 8pm.

Thanks for the ideas, Vancouver, you've always kept me in tasty eats!

Oh! Edited to add one last note: Preferably places not in Crystal mall. I love them all, they're all amazing, but the parking garage scares the shit out of my crazy dog, and so we can't just leave him in the car there as we do other places.

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  1. Balkan house will set you up with some fine Serbian eats

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    1. re: kinnickinnik

      I was just looking at that possibly for tonight! Glad to hear it's good.

      1. re: kinnickinnik

        Love the Balkan Platter, just remember to bring a big appetite!

        1. re: Scoffier

          We hit Balkan House on Friday night, and the food was delicious!

          Tell me if this was an unusual night or if this is par for the course though--as it is, I wouldn't be able to count on this as an option, because it took so long.

          We walked in (was nicer than I had expected, realized it was Valentine's day, so am hoping to ascribe most of this to that) and were more accosted than greeted, demanding if we had a reservation.

          The whole place was creepily quiet, not only because of no music, but we later decided, because everyone was silently seething about not having food.

          Got menus when we sat (7:50), 10 min. until we got to order, then another 10 until drinks came. It was probably 8:45 when we got salads/bread, and our food came at 9. Because we had been hoping to make it to whistler by 11 to watch olympics skiing, we asked for the bill and a box right away, scarfed what we could of our food, paid and left.

          Over an hour to get fed? The surliest service ever? The lady slammed things around when we asked for the boxes/bill. When we paid her she all but barely grunted in our direction.

          Hoping it was a Valentine's day thing??

          BUT Food was delicious, loved the lamb chops and Balkan platter, had leftover meats in a breakfast sandwich this morning and in pasta for lunch!

          1. re: dagoose

            I think that the fact it was Valentines day probably had a bearing on how long it took for you to receive your food. I usually eat there mid-week around 7 or 8 when it's not too busy and typically, from the time I am seated until the time my entree is sitting in front of me is about 20 minutes (I usually already know what I want to eat when I arrive, so the order goes in rather quickly).
            As for the service, well, they will never win any top hospitality awards, however I have never been treated as badly as you have described. I have found the servers to be rather cool and impersonal, but they get the job done. They do seem a lot friendlier towards their regulars though (guess I don't eat there enough to qualify as that).
            Bottom line - I'll put up with the mediocre service because the food is so good, however if I would probably not be returning if the service was as poor as you received.

            1. re: Scoffier

              Serbs aren't a particularly hospitable bunch.

              1. re: Sam Salmon

                Say what?

                I am a Canadian, but of Serb-Bosinian heritage. I take issue with your statement.

                Been to a Serb household lately? You'll be treated with generous hospitality - usually in the form of great cold cuts, breads, ajvar, cheeses, salads. A little rakija and plenty of pivo to wash it down. Sweets and Turkish coffees to end the night.

                Sheesh - why is Sam's post still up?

                As for the restaurant - can't say I've experienced such slowness. Not super speedy but that sounds unusual, though it's been a while and I've only been for lunch.

                As for V-day being quite. I think the place is more a destination for expat families and such. Maybe not a V-day destination. Also, Feb 15 is the Serbian national day - the place was probably much busier then (or they were busy with catering orders)


      2. Lhy Thai is a good spot, on Edmonds a couple blocks north of Kingsway.

        1. The Crystal Mall's parkade is a nightmare. Whoever designed it should be punished. I digress.

          Back to topic: try Private Home Chinese Cuisine, at the corner of Kingsway & Salisbury:


          This is their second outlet, strangely the original is only a few clicks west, also on Kingsway.

          I like "The One", which is the more modern, youth-oriented branch of Lao Shang Dong closer to Metrotown Mall:

          Tamarind Hill is a well-liked Malaysian resto on 6th Ave @ 6th St in New Westminster, just a wee bit detour from your route:

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          1. re: LotusRapper

            This popular local blogger (has been offline for a couple of years now) focuses mostly on Burnaby & New Westminster restaurants. Some of the restaurants don't exist (or have changed) anymore, but still a good reference:


            1. re: LotusRapper

              This blogger is perhaps one of the most active in Metro Vancouver, and also has entries tagged by geography:


              I was at Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant last week (second review if you follow the link above) and they were quite good, however many of the dishes were a tad too salty for me.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                agree about Sherman's Food blog - I also like Ben's Chow Times blog - easy search on the site to find places out in that part of town (ie Bby etc)


          2. I know you're not seeking European per se, but this place is rather unique. A bit elusive and hard to find, but worth it (just don't count the calories):


            Go there hungry, eat, and won't have to eat for the rest of the day ! I know from experience.

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            1. re: LotusRapper

              I agree, Fraser Park Restaurant has great food, however I believe they close by early afternoon. The OP is looking for a place open til 8 or 9 pm.

            2. LR - what about something up on East Hastings at the north end of Boundary? (ie east of the Cassiar tunnel) I know there are threads about that n'hood on here - not necessarily food from Asia perhaps - just a thought

              I don't know what diff Edmonds makes vs Boundary (a more direct route) - maybe the OP has some special reason (is there still that seemingly endless no-time-frame destruction-construction on that stretch of the Hwy 1?)

              thank you!

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              1. re: Georgia Strait

                We switched from the boundary route because of the entrance at n. end of boundary to highway one closing and having to go all the way up and around.

                We do sometimes use willingdon, but I've stopped using boundary. On the way home we can get off at boundary and I still do it, even though that route (esp. the Marine way section) is not as quick as it once was w/lights and traffic.

                1. re: dagoose

                  As far as I know, the NB Boundary Rd to WB Hwy 1 on-ramp is now open:


                  Unless it closed again very recently ?


                  I believe the new Kensington Interchange is now functional, and you can access it (onto WB Hwy 1) via Edmonds -> Canada Way -> Kensington.

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    Cool, I'll check it out next trip. last tried that way a few months ago and it wasn't.