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Feb 14, 2014 08:52 AM

Lunch between Ft Myers and Naples

I'm driving from the airport it Ft Myers to the beach in Naples. Is there a good place to grab lunch along the way?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you take 1-75, you will miss all of the local unchained restaurants. I suggest you take the US41 corridor.

      If you are looking for a touristy place, Sandy Parrot has outdoor seating in a Tiki like atmosphere. They keep changing the menu, but I really like their mussel app. Alico and 41 in Ft Myers.

      Randy's Fishmarket & Restaurant Inc. is in Naples on 41. Also in Naples is Real Seafood Company, on Vanderbuilt Beach and just past Airport Pulling. Both good, solid seafood choices.

      1. what kind of food? which beach? do you like dives or atmospheric places? ethnic?

        the Chick Fil A and Mels can't be serious answers?

        You could grab a great sandwich at Capriotti's on 41 south of Bonita Beach Rd. and take it to the beach for a picnic.

        You could have a lovely lunch at Bay House on the river further south on 41.

        You could wait until you get to the beach and eat a great lunch with sand in your toes at the Turtle Club which is on the beach near the Ritz Carlton.

        Buzz's Lighthouse is in the same area but facing the bay for a very casual lunch.

        Venetian Bay shoppes has some glorious restaurants where you can sit outside in the sun and have excellent food at several venues.

        Too broad a question until you let us know what you want.

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          We are headed to the Ritz Carlton. We'd like to eat before we arrive as we will have two little ones who will need food in their tummies. We like pretty much anything - would love ethnic, seafood, or southern recommendations. Not fancy due to the kids in tow but luckily they are good eaters so no need for "kid menus"

          I'm not above Chick-fil-a as a southern transplant living in NY but was hoping for a local place not a chain.

        2. You could check out Pinchers Crab Shack in Ft. Myers. A little more casual than the Ritz.

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            We ate at the Bonita Springs location this evening. The place was mobbed, so seems like high turnover and everything was fresh. They do have a kids' menu, off of which "kids eat free," but our kids happily ate crab and shrimp.

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              A small chain and surprisingly good.