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Feb 14, 2014 08:46 AM

restaurants serving skirt steak in central nj

Does anyone have any good spots?

Rodeio grill is my spot for a skirt steak fix. Smokey, salty and flavorful... I can't get enough of that stuff.

I am looking for some other options to change up my steak intake. I do like the one at Havana in Highlands too, but can you guys recommend some others?

I hear the puerto rican place in matawan has a decent one. I have had one at Ada's recently and that was Ok....not the best but the price was cheap.

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  1. Disclaimer as I havent been to this place in quite awhile, but manville bbq offers it on the menu.

    I did go quite a bunch when I used to be in the area more, and it was always good. a Bit pricey, and cooked to order, but well worth it.

    1. I hear Tete in Highland Park serves up a pretty good one.

      1. It's sometimes a special at Valenca in Elizabeth, and very good....

        1. I personally love skirt, flank, and/or hangar steaks. I think when prepared right they blow other cuts, like filet mignon, away.

          The problem is that restaurants are figuring this out and starting to charge up for these "cheaper" cuts. I don't mind paying for quality farms, but there is a sticker shock for some.

          With this disclaimer out of the way, I recently had a nicely prepared hangar steak at Belford bistro. Just the right texture, cooked medium rare, and simply prepared.

          I also noticed a skirt steak on the lunch menu of Due Mari in New Brunswick. Has anyone tried this dish yet? I just saw a no reservations episode where Michael White travelled around Italy with Anthony bourdain. He takes his cuisine very seriously and exuded passion about food. Hope his restaurants are the same, but you never know with food empires.

          There was also a hangar steak on the menu at drew's bayshore bistro last time I went. I usually go for seafood dishes when there, but promised myself to try the steak next visit. Any feedback on his steak?

          On a side note, I've found some of the best prepared skirt steaks in random hole in the wall Mexican restaurants. I'm relatively new to the area, but sure there are several spots in the area that do this well.

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            Yes I have had the hangar at drews. It is better than the ny strip there IMO. You will like it.

            And yes the price of skirt steak is ridiculous. That is why I hammer it down when I go for rodizio at Rodeio grill lol

            The skirt at kunya Siam is decent too.

            1. re: LifeGeek

              We had the hanger steak at Drew's the last time we went in the spring and it was very good. Definitely love this cut when prepared correctly.

              1. re: cke25

                yes I have had that too....good stuff. I think that it's a better dish than the more expensive NY strip there too.

            2. Its too expensive for what it is, but A Little Bit of Cuba in Freehold serves up a very tasty skirt steak with chimichurri.