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Whole Foods coming to Wall in late 2015 or early 2016!

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This article posted in the Coast Star says that the proposed location in at Allaire Plaze, at the corner of Allaire Road and Rt. 35.


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up.

    It brought two thoughts immediately to mind. First, "a WF would be a nice addition to the local shopping scene," and, second, "Wow! Somebody actually reads the Coast Star!"

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    1. re: MGZ

      I'll definitely hit it up. I've never been, so I'm interested in what they carry.

      And full disclosure, I get the Coast Star news alerts, and believe it or not, this story was one of them! When I DO read, it's only the Manasquan section! (usually)

      1. re: Heidi cooks and bakes

        I read the Coast Star every Thursday, though I use the term "read" loosely. I scan the headlines, look at the pictures and check the police blotter. Sometimes I'll find an article to read but then it seems there is some piece of pertinent info missing from the article. Mostly I look for people I know.

        After I saw your post, I looked through the paper again put didn't see this article. Maybe next week.

        The comments in the article you linked were interesting. I too wonder where it is actually going. Mr Bean thought maybe it will go into that empty furniture store a little bit down the road. Not unheard of that the Coast Star would get the address wrong.

        1. re: missybean

          You make a good point as there is no retail space in that mall large enough and with loading docks to house a Whole Foods other than the new Lowe's Express. Unless Lowe's is bailing out, which is a possibility based on the amount of business they seem to be doing.

          The old furniture store would be a real stretch considering the current condition and lack of available parking spaces. How about the A&P - just a thought...

          1. re: CatLadyJan

            We thought all those same things. The Huffman Koos location makes no sense but I've seen stranger things. An early WF in NJ was in what I think was an old Lord and Taylor in the middle of Milburn. I think it moved and is now Trader Joe's (notorious for bad parking lots).

            It wouldn't bother me in the least if A&P closed. I loath that store though I know many who love it.


    2. do you guys shop at wegmans on 35?

      I have a WF in my town (middletown) and like it, but its just pricey. I like wegmans better. I am not saying wegmans is a "cheap" place but my dollar seems to go farther there...at least for the stuff that I am shopping for.

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      1. re: corvette johnny

        I do shop at Wegman's sometimes - if there is something in particular that I seek. Most recently, that was jumbo, King Crab legs. I also like it for loose teas.

        Honestly, however, I buy food, drink, and related items pretty much every day, gathering different things from different places. I have no practically no brand or corporate loyalty and prefer small local shops whenever possible. It is not uncommon for me to go to three or four stores to acquire the fixings for a single day's worth of meals.

      2. Glad to hear this. I will shop there as well as continue to go to Wegmans....they are both good. Glad that I won't have to trek to Middletown anymore.