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Feb 14, 2014 07:38 AM

Tomato in Versailles

My french friends

I had the most wonderful tomato in my life back in mid-July at marche notre-dame farmers market in Versailles (right outside the chateau). Does anybody who shops there regularly which of these tomatoes they typically sell in July? I think it has to be one of these looking at the pictures on google images

Super Marmande, Marizol Red, bonny best, german johnson


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  1. The heirloom tomatoes grown in France are different varieties. The most commonly seen at markets are:

    - marmande (large, flattish, red)
    - cœur de bœuf (heart-shaped)
    - tomate ananas (red and yellow)
    - rose de Berne (pale red, soft)
    - corne des Andes (fleshy, pointy, elongated)
    - Noire de Crimée (brownish black)
    - Green Zebra (green, small and round)

    1. Probably impossible to identify with any precision. The Marché Notre Dame does have some producers but it isn't necessarily a farmer's market. The tomatoes you tried could have come from France, Spain or Italy.

      In mid-July locally produced "Marmande" or "Coeur de boeuf" seem to be widely available.

      Having lived in SF and familiar with farmers' markets there, I do think that French tomatoes are somehow better but I do think it has more to do with soil, climate, fertilizer, etc than variety. I had my own tomato ecstasy moment in Turkey and was surprised that my object of lust turned out to be a Turkish version of "Marmande".

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        I hope I can get 80% of the desired result and I'll be more than happy. If not, I'll move to france ;)

      2. I'm guessing Marmande, just because they're pretty common that time of year.

        Lovely tomato, easy to grow.