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Feb 14, 2014 07:34 AM

Baking cookies on a silpat versus parchment versus directly on sheet

what's been the best result? I'm thinking silpat isn't baking my cookies well enough...

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  1. I've never used parchment for cookies, but silpat won't let them brown on the bottom. My vote is directly on the pan. There's enough butter in cookies that they rarely stick anyway.

    1. I always use silpat's, they work fine. I find cookies are more uniform in color. If you're looking for a more well done bottom cookie, use just a plain pan.

      1. Depends on the cookie, for me. On the Silpat for peanut butter or choc chip. My new obsession, however, is spritzed butter cookies, so directly on the baking sheet & they get a slight brown crunch on the bottom.

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        1. re: pine time

          yeah, i'm making butter cookies. cc cookies are fine on a silpat for me but my last batch of butter came out kind of lame.

        2. Best = parchment
          2nd = silpat
          Last= direct on sheet

          IMHO. :)

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          1. re: lynnlato

            Parchment allows you to whisk the baked cookies off the pan and onto a cooling rack if they are the sort you want chewy inside, which entails getting them off the pan while they are still soft. It also allows you to portion out as many sheets as you want, so as soon as a pan is free you can reload and get it back into the oven, saving energy costs, and time. No pan-washing needed.

            Cookies don't brown well on a silpat, leave a tacky spot behind that is virtually impossible to get off no matter how well you wash the silpat. Cookies slide on the sheet so you have to be exceedingly careful if you want to move the silpat from pan to cooling rack. Wish I'd never bought the silpat - it was expensive and is rarely used.

            Baking directly on the sheet is necessary for the best results when doing spritz cookies. Even if you weight or clip parchment into the pan, it tends to life a bit when you disengage the cookie press from the just-piped cookie.

          2. I like on the sheet or parchment. As mentioned the Silpat doesn't allow adequate browning.