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Feb 14, 2014 05:25 AM


Any up to date suggestions for good grub in Cambridge? (all price levels)

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  1. Fitzbillie's is a nice lunch place plus a good bakery. At the high end is Midsummer House where I have not personally dined, but check out the search box above and I think it's been talked about here in the past. Just type in Cambridge and quite a few ideas are bound to show up.

    1. I have had a very nice lunch at Midsummer House.

      Alimentum, which is just a little out of the center, recently received a Michelin Star although I have not dined there.

      1. Le Gros Franc is a delightful -- and delicious -- French bistro in the evenings. For pub food, the Eagle and the Anchor are two good choices near King's Parade. De Luca Cucina is good for Italian food, while Aromi is good for sandwiches and pizza.

        You should also walk the path to Grantchester for Sunday dinner at the Blue Ball, and for tea at the Orchard.