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Feb 14, 2014 12:31 AM

Best vietnamese, best pizza and best scrapple in philly?

Also, is prince of steaks still good? had it about five years ago and thought it was the best in philadelphia. Are there any great cheap eats?
Thank you

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hmm, those are some wide open questions. These are strictly my choices of where I go.
      Vietnamese: Nam Phoung
      Pizza: Gennaro's Tomato Pie
      Scrapple: My house! Seriously, I can't order it out.
      Prince of Steaks: No idea. Haven't been there in years.
      Cheap eats: too many to list, need to narrow that one down.

      1. With regard to Steve's Prince of Steaks, they are still considered one of the better steak shops, and since you have eaten there, they have added a location in Center City Philadelphia.

        Pizza depends on what type of pizza you are looking for as we have had an explosion of neopolitan and roman pizza style pizza, including Nomad, Nomad Roman, Osteria, Pizzaria Vetri, Pizza Brain, bufad, Zavino, Barbuzzo, Pizzeria Beddia. And then there is the old stand by that lots of people love.. Tacconellis.

        My definition of good scrapple is not deep fried.. needs to be done on the griddle or in a pan ...

        Vietnamese you need to tell us a bit more here.. are you looking for Pho, bun, other type dishes? Nam Phuong is a great suggestion in general but if you were looking for specific dishes I think you will find people suggesting other places, both down on Washington Ave, as well as in West Philadelphia and Chinatown.

        On the cheap eat sides Rosas Fresh Pizza recently opened and their schtick is they do a slice of pizza for a dollar. They don't have a lot of toppings, or specialty pizzas. I personally have not been, but have heard good things about the place.

        1. I find Steve's Prince of Steaks to vary a lot by location. The original on Bustleton and their shop at the Boulevard and Comly are both reliably good. They have another store on Business Rt 1 in Penndel that's always underwhelmed me. Haven't tried the new one downtown.

          Vietnamese: Pho Saigon at Columbus Blvd and Washington Ave is also very good.

          Scrapple: I'm not a fan.

          1. As far as Vietnamese, I would like more authentic dishes rather than Pho. Thanks

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            1. re: maria franzese

              Pho is not authentic? Seems very common street food in Vietnam.

              1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                Did not mean to say pho is not auth. I love it.

                1. re: maria franzese

                  But what do you consider "more authentic" than pho? Is any Viet dish more Viet than pho?

                    1. re: maria franzese

                      If you find yourself near a book store, go look for a Vietnamese cook book. You'll see pictures of dishes and ingredients. Jot down those that look good and order them next time you go to a Vietnamese restaurant (or ask if you don't see it on the menu - you might impress the owner or they'll make fun of you in the back and spit in your food - just kidding).

                  1. re: maria franzese

                    In otherwords, you are looking for other dishes besides Pho. I get it now...

                    1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                      Yes, thanks. Also, where is the best Bahn mi in Philly ?

                      1. re: maria franzese

                        Cafe Nhu Y at 8th and Christian Sts is my current favorite, followed by Ba Le at 6th and Washington.

                    2. re: maria franzese

                      Bun bo Hue @ Cafe Diem (6th & Washington). They don't speak much english, so make sure they don't give you the dumbed down Western version.