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Feb 14, 2014 12:15 AM

Akelarre, Arzak, Martin B, Mugaritz

Hi there

We are going to San Sebastian in May and we will be there for four nights. We are planning one night to go pinotxo hopping and so that leaves us with three nights that we can spend at three of the following 4 restaurants:

Akelarre, Arzak, Martin B, Mugaritz

I have been reading the boards and blogs and am trying to find someone who has been to all four recently and can tell me which 3 to go to. Appreciate your time reading this. Thanks!

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  1. We went to all four last August and liked Mugaritz the least, but it and Akelarre are outside of town with nice views that are great for lunch, so you could do some lunches--same menu and price--and hit them all.

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    1. re: Charles Nixon

      Hi Charles

      I was most iffy about Mugaritz and Arzak. From the reviews that I read, people either love it or hate it and for Arzak, it would seem like there are quite a few misses too.

      Which ones would you go back to again? Thanks for your time.

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        Our six stars in under 18 hours: Between Arzak dinner and Martin Berasategui lunch, we'd vote for the latter.

    2. Hi Misochi,

      We went to Akelarre last year and have already booked another table for May 2014 so definitely worth a visit.

      The only thing I would recommend is to give yourself more time for the Pintxos hopping - there are some really amazing dishes in some of the bars and it really is an experience unlike any other!



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      1. I had a fantastic trip to SS last year in August. I only did Akelarre of the three, but thought it was absolutely fantastic. I agree on giving yourself plenty of time for pintxos on Calle 31 de Augosto - we were in SS for 3 days and probably ended up eating pintxos 4-5 times (meals and/or snacks in between meals) b/c it was so fun.

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