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Feb 13, 2014 11:29 PM

Has butternut squash gotten worse?

Every butternut squash I've bought in the past year or two has been starchy and flavorless. Have they been genetically modified or something? You wouldn't think they'd need to modify them since they already have a long shelf life. Or is it that my palate has changed somehow? Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

FWIW, the loser squash of the day came from Whole Foods.

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  1. I hadn't noticed a significant difference until I got a couple from the farmers market - it was like night and day in terms of flavor.

    1. My supermarket ones have been fine roasted.

      1. Are you buying the precut up stuff? It doesn't have nearly the flavor of whole freshly cut up at home.

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          No, but it occurs to me that the timing of buying bad squash coincides with moving to Washington state. Maybe they're getting it from a local grower who has chosen an un-tasty variety.

          1. re: amoule

            Try kabocha squash or acorn instead, and check that it's not traveling from across the world. Could just be a difference variety you don't like as much in your new area.

        2. Freshly-picked and early-harvest winter squashes are bland. They need storage time to develop flavor. If I buy farmer's market butternut in Sept-Oct, it's going to sit in a cool place until at least December before I think about using it. Of course I examine them from time to time and if a crack or soft spot develops, it's plan B, which is to peel and roast, since roasting brings out the flavor.