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Feb 13, 2014 10:43 PM

Fresh Garbanzo beans

The Safeway on Sunnyside has fresh Garbanzos while they last. Just saw them yesterday. Any ideas on fresh Kaffir lemon leaves? JMP

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  1. whoa!!! awesome! never even heard of fresh!! so lucky

    1. Winco often sells fresh garbanzos too.

      I have seen kaffir lime leaves at New Seasons and at various Asian markets around town such as FuBonn, Uwajimaya, Lily, etc.

      1. The Winco @ 122nd & Halsey had a huge box of them last night in that little side refrigerated section in produce where they sell parsley, etc. They were next to the cilantro on the bottom shelf.

        I couldn't find a price sticker for them though, and the produce dudes were nowhere to be found. FYI, the outer pods looked like they were starting to dry out—I've no idea if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

        Is there anything to do with them other than eat them raw as suggested in other posts on

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          I had green garbanzos brined in salt and onion as a garnish at a restaurant in San Francisco last Saturday. Contemplated ordering a bowl of just those, they were so good. I am going to post on my home board to find out if they are available in Vancouver.