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Jun 7, 2006 10:43 AM

Must haves in Las Vegas

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What are the must haves in Las vegas? It could be from street food, best buffets, best fine dinning. THANX

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  1. Lotus of Siam. You can also read many of the posts down this board for this information.

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    1. re: jkgourmet

      Regretfully for lunch this is very average buffet.

      1. re: kel

        You're right about the buffet, but then there's no reason to get the buffet. The full dinner menu is available at lunch - at least it was about a year ago. It was interesting that they assumed I wanted the buffet; I had to ask for a menu.

    2. I strongly agree with LOS.

      For fine dining, go to Picasso and try and get a view of the fountain. Although expensive, they always hit their mark and the service is very good. The ambiance, IMHO, is unmatched in LV.

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      1. re: LVI

        How would you compare it to atelier at mgm?

        1. re: Anoko

          One way to make this comparison is to ask: What is better, Beluga caviar or Osetra? These restaurants are at the top of the Las Vegas restaurant heaps(with Joel Robuchon at The Mansion and Guy Savoy being the pinnacle). Quality-wise I think Picasso is better and more consistent. It is also more elegant. L'atelier is more "hip" and tries to be more engaging. The counter seating is a turn off to some but I find it entertaining and engaging. Yet I do not think they achieve the level of quality that Picasso does. If your trip already includes other places that are quiet and more reserved then I would opt for L'Atelier. But I will say, I never get tired of eating amongst original Picasso's with the fountains of the Bellagio in the background all while being served by one of the best staffs in Las Vegas.

      2. Circo at Bellagio - a great, lively atmosphere - lamb rack to die for, all food great, try the bombolini (little greaseless filled doughnuts) for dessert. Wonderful service and wines.

        Fix also at Bellagio - loud, contemporary, modern American food with a whimsical touch: love the tomato soup and "grilled cheese sandwich," the steak, the desserts. Not a place for quiet chat.

        1. I would recommend the Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas for a dinner one night. Everyone coming to Vegas should go to at least one buffet, and the Wynn impressed me during my last visit. Their quality and variety of items was nice - including a risotto station - and the surroundings were very nice. Search for other reviews of the buffets on this board. Other stellar buffets include the Bellagio and Paris buffets, but search for at least one during your trip.

          1. Dearly loved the cuban steak sandwich at Rum Jungle in Mandalay Bay (and extraordinarily good drinks) in the afternoon - this place draws a night crowd. I keep wanting to fly there for dinner.

            Also recall getting a wonderful rack of lamb once in the *coffee shop* at the back of Paris Las Vegas.