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Feb 13, 2014 07:22 PM

Sushi - Times Square

Looking for the best sushi in Times Square, preferably with elegant decor. The reviews I've read online are inconsisent. Please help!

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  1. Hakubai @ the Kitano Hotel.

    You'll have to walk a few blocks east of Times Sq. to Park Ave., but it meets your criteria.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Hakubai is a kaiseki restaurant. And, in my experience, not a very good one.

      I'd say Sushi Zen or Shimizu for traditional, or Sushi of Gari on 46th street for modern sushi. I'm not sure if they'd be considered "elegant" though.

      1. re: lexismore

        I think sushi zen has the nicest atmosphere , and I really do like their sushi. They also make an excellent chawan mushi (one of my weaknesses)

        1. re: debinqueens

          Sushi Zen is FANTASTIC!! Authentic, great sushi w very knowledgeable chefs.

        2. re: lexismore

          Hakubai has sushi -- yes, it's not its forte -- but it offers sushi and has the best room out of any other option in/around Times Sq.

          Both Gari and Zen no doubt have better food, but the rooms at both places would be considered Spartan if one is looking for an elegant setting.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            The Hakubai used to be the Nadaman Hakubai, during happier times for Japanese soft power abroad. The whole hotel has that preserved in aspic feeling of bubble era Japan.

          2. re: lexismore

            Hakubai is a kaiseki restaurant. Sono-san from Kyo Ya worked there for a long time. It is in my opinion an excellent restaurant. But not where I would go for sushi.
            Near Times Square I would go to Hatsuhana, Nobu 57, Sushi of Gari, or Kuruma Zushi

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Putting Nobu 57 and Kuruma Zushi in the same sentence is like suggesting that DB Bistro's burger is in the same league as McD. Nobu 57 is a joke. Kuruma Zushi is less of a joke, and a top-notch place if you're willing to roll out the benjamins.

        3. Sushiden on 49th off of 7th is probably the best sushi in the immediate area.