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Feb 13, 2014 06:18 PM

E Dehillerin Copper/Tin thickness


I am looking at getting a few copper pieces from E Dehillerin. However, their copper/tin page indicates thickness of 2-3.5mm. From what I've read, it's all (or mostly all) Mauviel pieces. I'd love to know the actual thickness of each piece, as I'm looking to go 2.5mm or higher. I'm looking at the sauce pan and the saute pan.

I've contacted both E Dehillerin and Mauviel but no response after a week.

Can any of the expert chowhounders help me on what I'd be getting? Any recent orders?


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  1. Hi, Staubfan:

    You are correct that most pieces marked Dehillerin are Mauviel-made. This useless thickness range reflects (and inaccurately) the *entire* range of wares.

    If you are interested in SS-lined bimetal saucepan and saute, you can be somewhat confident that you will receive pans which are 2.3mm of copper bonded to 0.2mm of SS. But to be safe, I recommend you make *sure* there are not two different lines of the same pans listed by Dehillerin. If there are two, the dearer one is the 2.3/0.2, and the cheaper is the table service grade, 1.8/0.2. Oftentimes the Dehillerin stock numbers correspond with the Mauviel numbers, and you can verify this way.

    Hope this Helps,

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thank you Kaleo,

      First, I've read a lot of chowhound posts about copper and always enjoy your insights.

      Ironically as soon as I posted about not hearing back, they emailed me back. They confirmed 2.5mm on the saucepan and 3mm on the saute. I ordered so I will confirm upon receipt.


      1. re: Staubfan

        Hi Staubfan
        To confuse matters, they describe two different styles of tin lined pan as "saute pans" and they have different thicknesses - the hammered style with two brass loop handles (I'm assuming this is what you've ordered at 3mm), and the style with a single long cast iron handle. The long handled saute is 2.5mm thick.
        The splayed saute pans are 2mm thick, whether tin or stainless lined.
        They really should specify the thickness of each individual pan on their website.

    2. I purchased from E Dehillerin a couple months ago and had the same question. I found that this retailer has specified the thicknesses of this tin-lined copper cookware and should be the same as Dehillerin:

      Hope that helps! Enjoy :)