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Feb 13, 2014 05:11 PM

Cheesesteak's in Bucks County

Where can i find a good Cheese steak in the Philly burbs, specifically bucks county? I love stopping at Pat's and Geno's when I'm in the city, however, i live 50+ minutes from 9th and Passyunk and am looking for a more local option.

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  1. Bucks is pretty big- anywhere? Upper? Lower?

    1. I would try Silvio's in Hatboro (just over the line in Mont Co). They make their own bread, and a decent steak. Make a very good hoagie too!

      1. I like Pudge's in Blue Bell. A word of caution as you venture into the 'burbs. Some places automatically put mayo on your steak. It is so engrained that I've said no mayo and they have once in awhile heard mayo.

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          1. Steve's Prince of Steaks in Langhorne