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Feb 13, 2014 04:47 PM

Vitamix 5200

Possibly wrong place to post although it does fit. Jimmy Kimmel had the actor Nathan Fillion on last night who was touting the virtues of the Vitamix 5200 as capable of blending anything. He shared an anecdote of preparing smoothies for some friends and scooping in a variety of ingredients but ultimately noting an odd flavor to the end product. As he was cleaning up later that night he couldn't locate his scoop .... He looked at the bottom of his glass and there was an odd gritty residue there, which ultimately explained the off-flavor of the smoothie.

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  1. Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel

    He should have tasted his smoothie before serving it to his "friends"... it's common sense.

    Vitamix is one of the best power blenders. If something doesn't come out right it's usually due to inexperienced users. I hate reading stuff about Vitamix getting a bad rep due to user incompetence.