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Feb 13, 2014 04:42 PM

New Board Suggestion: Hot Topics: Tipping, Hostess gifts, odd food combinations. What Else??

Anyone who's been on CH for a while has probably encountered a re-hash, [and maybe even this suggestion has been made previously]
but isn't it time for a
Hot Topic Thread Board ?
Topics: Tipping, Hostess gifts, odd food combinations.
What Else??
It's not that these aren't genuinely interesting... so often people bring new experiences to the table, but they could all be housed together. Then when Snarky raises her/his hand to the keyboard, it wouldn't be to say
"this has been discussed before at //link// and ... //link// and ... //link// and ... and ..."

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    1. re: c oliver

      Ooooh yes.
      Or, more generally:
      Obnoxious Diners That Aren't ME

      1. re: c oliver

        Or loosely known as "I left it on the counter overnight" or "Its 7 minutes past the Best Before date" board.

      2. You mean separate from the already previously discussed, world famous hot topic board called Not About Food or what my husband refers to as the Communication Breakdown board? With built-in theme song:

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        1. re: HillJ

          Yep -- then NAF* could just be the realm of the Snarky McChowhounders
          and then those poor folks who are really new to CH could get their genuine questions answered.
          .*NAF -- I am always reminded of the "NARF" exclamation used by Pinky, of P & the Brain.

          1. re: Kris in Beijing

            Actually I'm reminded of the thread that discussed separating Trader Joe's maybe even Costco threads from the rest of the Chains board...the people enjoying those threads were not for the idea of separating only the folks not enjoying them.

            Can customizing your own board preferences through your own personal profile be far behind? Then we can break off into separate smaller communities where we don't have to talk to the neighbors or deal with their screaming kids and bothersome cat. Heck, who needs community?

            As much as I have read and agreed with some of the bothersome issues, I really did believe CH was about a food community but more and more I read suggestions to change the overall way in which CH's prefer not to engage with each other except on their own terms. Sigh.

        2. "probably encountered a re-hash"

          I can imagine a time in the future when just about every question has been asked and all topics discussed.

          We won't have to post new questions or topics, simply write stuff like
          "Remember ?"

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          1. Don't forget how should the restaurant bill be divided based on who did the inviting, who ordered what, what special occasion is being celebrated . . .