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Feb 13, 2014 04:36 PM

Singapore (S. MPLS) Closed?

I drove by Singapore in the Nokomis neighborhood (56th St and 34th Ave), and it wasn't open (at 5:30 PM) and there was a small "For Lease" sign in the window. It looks like it's closed.

That's too bad. The food there was always stellar. I've called in to-go orders, and they'd say it'll take 45 minutes because they're chopping everything fresh. The taste has always been fantastic, and service, both in and take out, always solid and fun.

But that little area of Nokomis is a rougher neighborhood area. There's a good bit of traffic on 34th Ave. Singapore just isn't a block that's inviting to stop off at, unlike a few blocks further at the 34th Ave and 50th St. area that has Al Vento, Three Tiers Cake (they have dinner also), the semi-new Town Hall Tap offshoot, a great local food market, and liquor store. That area is definitely booming.

Singapore is/was a block down from DiNoko's, who recently re-located to downtown MPLS. That structure also sits currently unoccupied. Amazing the difference a few blocks can make. The reviews on Singapore were always stellar (Heavy Table had a great 2013 review). There's a big difference in a few blocks between Al Vento and Singapore. I think a lot of neighborhood folks are more willing to walk to Al Vento than to Singapore.

Too bad. With both DiNokos and Singapore going out, that leaves Las Teresitas as the only dining option between 52nd and 58th on 34th Ave, which sees a good deal of traffic.

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  1. Been closed for over 3 months...We need to support neighborhood gems even if they don't shine all the time.

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    1. re: ibew292

      Over 3 months? I was there in December for pickup.

      In any case, yes, I agree, we need to support neighborhood gems. However, it takes a special place to be able to live only on neighborhood support, and then thrive on "outsiders". As much as I liked Singapore, an Asian place wasn't going to make it on that block, and that's unfortunate.

      1. re: ibew292

        Really going to miss that place. We usually got up there 4 or 5 times a year and got to know the family. Always good fresh food and friendly service. I hope that she opens or runs a kitchen somewhere else.

        Singapore and Puerta Azul were two of our favorite spots.

      2. It lasted for at least 6 years. I remember eating there on my first food adventure down to the Twin Cities in June 2007.

        1. Drove by tonight and it was open with customers at tables. Anyone been lately? Same owner/chef?

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          1. re: Slightly Grey

            I'd never even heard of this place--do they do Malaysian food?

          2. They're open! Great food and great service. Support local.

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            1. re: Madmax360

              A little more detail would be much appreciated: is it the same menu as listed on Yelp (where reviews seem to be from 2013 and earlier)? same ownership?