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Feb 13, 2014 04:29 PM

Luke's of Calgary doing popup in Vancouver Chinatown featuring Stumptown coffee

It's open starting Feb 20, apparently, in Spacelab on Pender. While Stumptown is not my favourite Portland coffee, I'm thinking it could be worth a look.

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  1. Notable that this will be a permanent 'pop-up' location.

    1. Can someone give the Cole's notes on Stumptown?

      Is there something that Stumptown is doing that is different worth checking out? Quality? Innovation? Trend?

      Or should I just stick with my Timmies? :)

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      1. re: bill_n_opus

        Not an expert on Stumptown, but they were the first coffee roaster that I recall making a big deal about roasting dates. They also were pretty careful about who they allowed to sell their wares. Duane Sorenson has branched out so much that I'm not sure if the QI is still as strict. Here's a wiki on the coffee side: but he also owns/runs several restos in Pdx as well.