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Feb 13, 2014 04:27 PM

Waterline @Marriott Long Wharf?

Hi again folks. I'm having dinner with a friend next week who is flying in from a very warm locale. She is staying at the Marriott Long Wharf. I have never eaten at the in-house restaurant Waterline and see no reviews here. Can anyone speak to the quality of the food and service? I don't need to be blown away, but solid food and nice service would be appreciated. We can certainly leave the hotel to eat but we don't have much time to spend together, and since it's been so ungodly cold here I don't want to waste our time shivering while walking or driving to dinner elsewhere, unless Waterline is really lame. TIA.

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  1. I am out and about a lot and never heard of it. Did it replace Tia's?

    Because I can't comment on the restaurant I just will say that you are close to a lot of great places and it's gonna be fifty degrees next week.

    Have a great dinner!

    1. Not sure how long it's been there. Thanks for the weather report, I hope you are correct C. Hamster! It would be very nice to break out of this weather pattern. Any favorites of yours in the vicinity of the hotel, in case we do head out on foot?

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        My new favorite spot is Row 34 on Congress St, which would be about a 10 min walk. Seafood.

      2. Waterline replaced Oceana as the "fine dining" for the Marriott long Wharf.

        It has a nice view from the second floor of the hotel. I haven't heard anything good or bad about it the food.

        A very good nearby option is City Landing.

        1. I've enjoyed it. Last I was there was in the fall; warm pretzels with dipping sauces were very tasty, and apple fritters with caramel sauce became an addiction for a few visits. The bartenders are friendly; there are regulars that go there, which gives it a friendlier vibe than many hotel bars. And there are large windows so you can look out on the waterfront.

          1. I hope it's good, this Mariott spent quite a lot updating a few years back. I've had a drink there and it is very nice. The view is to the side and not the main harbor.
            If you end up going look for red flags like it being empty or slow service right off the bat.
            You've got so many places within five minutes like Trade. There's a legal's across the street and The North End minutes away.