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Feb 13, 2014 04:13 PM

Sam's Bistro Reading? Anyone been?

I am going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow, who is a real meat & potato type and does not do ethnic of any kind.

She'll do a burger or sandwich and also likes Italian. We'll be in Stoneham/Reading area (rt 28), and I passed Sam's Bistro recently and gave it a thought.

I searched on this board and there isn't one post on it. Anyone been? I wanted something nicer than a pizza place atmosphere, without breaking the bank.

The other option is for Billy's in Wakefield, but the atmosphere is sub par for a long time chat with a good friend.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I went late last year, it's a good place for a meat & potato lover.

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      haven't been to Sams in over a yr but was very meh food and dark inside. Capri Café has good Italian and bbq and burgers but I haven't tried the meat stuff. Its very casual tho. Felicias might be nice for lunch. I actually would say the 99 if you don't mind a chain.. good salmon and lots of people like the burgers/meats.. My best rec would be Jimmys Steer House but that's up the fellsway to rte 1 Lynnfield. More upscale but comfy, quiet, exc American food and great lunch prices. Also Rte 1 Brothers Kouzina upscale Greek, lots of meat, potatoes and Italian... If you really want cheap, Dockside has 4$ lunches How bout Zaleks? ooops :)

    2. I, too, was there last year and was underwhelmed by the food - I don't even remember what I had, just thought that I didn't need to return.
      Grumpy Doyle's, on Rt 28 in Reading center has, IMHO, better food but it is probably too loud for a nice chat.
      I would prefer Sabatino's in Wakefield center for this type of evening, or even Harrington's also in Wakefield on Water St.
      Bacci's on Rt 28 in Stoneham has decent food, not too fancy, but could be a nice place to chat for a while.

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        Hmmm. I never even gave Bacci's a thought. Will check it out though. Thanks.

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          Having been to Bacci's quite a few times I would choose Feliccia's over it. I think the food is better and they pour a very generous drink.

      2. Thanks everyone. Went to Sam's Bistro, even with the not so great replies. It was okay. The best part was the place was empty and quiet. Nice for chatting and catching up.

        I can't say the food was bad, we both ordered the fried haddock sandwich, which came on a hamburg bun with French fries and coleslaw. Had I not cared about noise level, I would have been very happy with Liberty Bell. The food was not bad, but not great either.

        The odd part to me, is why build that huge building and put an okay restaurant in it? Why not have really good food? Lord knows the area could use a nice restaurant. T

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            I've been there a couple of times now and that's exactly my feeling about it. Nothing to warn people away from, but nothing worth going for either.