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Feb 13, 2014 03:59 PM

Oven ruins baked goods; sinkholes

In my current apartment everything I bake, especially cupcakes and pasticiotti comes out with the same problem: there are sinkholes in the middle. I know the oven is the problem because I have made these recipes before and have had them come out perfect; in the case of the pasticiotti's I made two batches one in the apartment electric oven (came out with sinkholes) and one at a family members house with a gas oven (they came out perfect). Any solutions or suggestions to prevent the sinkhole problem in this electric oven?

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  1. Check the Calibration of the Oven Too low of a Temperature can cause this problem.
    Also opening the Oven during Baking can cause a rapid loss of Temperature.

    1. Get yourself an oven thermometer. That way you know what your oven is running at and you can adjust accordingly. I didn't know my oven was running 25 degrees too low until I used one. All of a sudden, things baked in the times stated on recipes. They're inexpensive and worth the small investment.

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        Thanks! I'll have to add it to my kitchen utensils.

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          also get a pizza stone. If you keep it in the oven it will take longer for the oven to preheat, but the stone will radiate heat once it's preheated, keeping the whole thing more consistent. At least that's what I find :)

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            I was just getting ready to suggest a good pizza stone!

      2. could it be old soda or baking powder? I thought I remember hearing about sink holes and old raising agent..

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        1. I agree with other about calibration. Get an oven thermometer and check it. Then calibrate the oven. Google the model number for a manual so you can actually recalibrate the oven. Electric ovens are actually better for baking than gas ovens, they cycle better for more even heating, but not if they are 25-50F off.

          Also you may have too much baking powder/baking soda. Or you opened the oven door. Or you didn't put the item in the oven as soon as you mixed and poured it into the pan. And lastly, you may have overbeaten the batter/dough.

          1. The only thing I can think of is, possibly, opening the door of the oven while baking is in progress?
            I definitely would have the oven checked for temperature accuracy.
            I have a gas oven and an electric oven…they both bake differently.