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Feb 13, 2014 03:29 PM

where 2 go 4 brunch in Rosslyn Va?

Can't find a brunch spot in Rosslyn open at 10am on Sunday. Many places in Arlington or Alexandria but not in Rosslyn. Any one have tips?

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  1. I don't know how well you know the area, but Rosslyn is in Arlington. So unless you have a specific reason to limit yourself to the tiny area known as Rosslyn, I'd expand your search to include other neighborhoods in Arlington, which is a tiny county -- nothing is more than 20 minutes away by car, if that.

    It's also very easy to get into DC from Rosslyn for Sunday brunch.

    Possible eats in Arlington or nearby Alexandria:

    Lyon Hall
    Bob & Edith's Diner

    Not really brunch, but Kabob Palace in Crystal City is 24/7 and very tasty.

    1. Kafe Leopold in G'town is open at 8. It's just across Key Bridge from Rosslyn.

      1. There's not a lot of food available in Rosslyn on weekends -- it's mostly a business, Monday-thru-Friday neighborhood. Hop on the metro and there are plenty of options a couple stops down in Clarendon, as suggested below. I like Liberty Tavern, personally.

        1. I would add Green Pig Bistro and Fuego in Clarendon to the list. China Garden may have dim sum, that might be the only thing I know of in that area.

          Bayou Bakery is right up the hill in Court House and has brunch too.

          1. Candidly, there isn't much in Rosslyn. I recommend Liberty Tavern brunch, which is about 2 miles (2 metro stops) away. It's my favorite brunch in Arlington. I like to try several dishes when I dine and the buffet has several choices that are all well executed and use good ingredients.

            There are also several good brunch options in Georgetown, but it's about a 1 mile walk and not metro accessible. It's a nice walk when the weather is good.