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Feb 13, 2014 12:45 PM

Marseille, Nice, and Aix-en Provence


I will be visiting this area at the end of March. The organization of this board makes it very hard to search for restaurants in these cities. Does anyone have any recommendations that they could share? Specifically, any thoughts on Le Petit Nice?

Merci pour votre aide.


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  1. In Aix we like le Formal and le Poivre d'Ane. In Marseille we recommend Chez Fonfon in the Vallon des Auffes (for bouillabaisse). In the adorable village of Ventabren (not far from Aix) there's the one-star Table de Ventabren. Have not been to le Petit Nice so cannot comment.

    1. Le Petit Nice is the best fish and seafood restaurant anywhere. The big menu is a four hour extravaganza which is wonderful.

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        Many people would not agree with "anywhere".

        This chap has been to every Michelin 3* worldwide and rates Le Petit Nice as one star food at three star prices.

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          That review is six years old. It is of an abbreviated meal. For something more recent and complete see

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            Merci, beaulieu

            My neighbor was just at Le Petit Nice and thought it was superb. My question about it was looking for confirmation of his opinion. At that price, one wants to 'get it right.'

      2. We're taking the same trip at the same time. Have you seen the food blog of Gilles Pudlowski ? He has a lot of suggestions about Nice and Marseilles and you can crosscheck them against Trip Advisor. It's certainly hard to find good recommendations for those cities on this site..

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          Pammi, the site authored by Gilles P. appears to be very useful. It will test my modest skills with the French language. Thanks.

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            Here are two restaurants I have identified and read about, but cannot exactly recommend since I've never actually eaten there yet-chat noir,chat blanc and le Bistrot d'Antoine . Both in Nice. They "read" well :) you might want to check them out..

            1. re: pammi

              Pammi: I've just started looking in earnest. In addition to Le Bistrot d'Antoine, others that 'read well' include La Locanda, Jan, Vino & Cucina, Terroir Divin, Chez Mirreille, and Bistro Saint Louis. So many good choices! I hope that you report back on your dining. I plan to write a summary, too.

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            Cher LondonLinda

            Merci pour votre reponse.

          2. My favorite place in Aix is Millefeuille, Rue Rifle Rafle.

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              Me too. Had a lunch here in 2012 which was our best meal in Aix by quite a long stretch, on a recommendation from this board (very possibly sderham's ... many thanks !) Polished but unfussy contemporary cooking, felt very well looked after by the handsome gent in charge of the room, nice crowd of local ladies who lunch.