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Yuengling returns to Boston.

So Yuengling beer will be back in March. I went to the introductory bash. Huge buzz. I've had it, just ok IMHO. What am I missing? I'm not from a Yuengling area so maybe I just don't have a soft spot for it. Any thoughts?

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  1. It's the Gansett of Pennsylvania: a perfectly serviceable beer with a strong nostalgic pull for those who grew up with it.

    And like Gansett, whose seasonal beers are all superior to the flagship beer (I like Naragansett Bock as much as Shiner Bock, and I say that as a Texan, speaking of hometown loyalty), Yuengling Black and Tan is a much tastier beer than the lager.

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      Definately nostalgia. My in-laws used to bring us a case every time they'd visit.

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        +1 for the Black & Tan.

        I'd call it halfway between Naragansett and Sam Adams (at least Sam of 10-15 years ago when I saw it a lot less outside the Boston area, and you only ever saw the Boston Lager). A good, large-production, regional beer.

        And as someone who went to college in the Philly area, it was drastically cheaper than anything else in its quality range -- it wasn't that much more per keg than the big national cheap beers, and much better, so it showed up at parties a lot when people actually cared how the beer tasted. At the prices it will probably command in Boston, I'll get a 6-pack of Black and Tan for nostalgia, and then probably never buy it again.

      2. Most Yuengling enthusiasts hail from the Pennsylvania area. I think it's mainly regional loyalty and nostalgia as well as a certain myth that gets created when a product isn't regionally available.

        I also think it's important to categorize it properly. Yuengling is a cheap macrobeer (although not sure what pricing will be like here.) I definitely prefer Yuengling to budweiser and the like, however if I'm drinking cheap macros, it's usually ___ light, and I'm usually not drinking for taste. If you start comparing Yuengling to a good craft beer, you will be sorely disappointed.

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            Representatives from the brewery said the lager's price will be comparable to AB-InBev's premium brand. So more expensive than PBR and 'Gansett. They probably won't see a dollar from me if that's really the case.

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              A bartender friend told me they were unlikely to get it for this reason. He said it'll sell initially for the novelty but then the sales would drop like a rock as they'd have to charge more than for the other non-craft beers.

          2. It's the best cheap beer Boston will now have the chance to offer. Sorry Narragansett lovers, it's just not that good.

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              Yungalingaling isn't any better. Both are sweet lagers of similar quality imo. Won't be buying either. Narragansett seasonals on the other hand are far superior to either of these lagers though.

              1. Its a nice drinking beer. More character than bud/miller/coors et al.

                No pretensions at being a craft beer.

                Just a nice beer.

                1. Black and tan is a good lawn beer.

                  1. Expect to see this pushed hard in the area - probalby replacing gansett, pbr, maybe sam adams, and slow moving local craftbeers on tap. Its their goal to be 5% of the beer market in the area. Rumors going around say they spent $300,000 just on the kickoff party alone.

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                      Closer to 500k. And I'm with you on 'Gansett and PBR (even though Yuengling will probably be more expensive at first) but no way they'll put a dent on $SAM's marketshare. Let's just remember getting and securing big accounts is a bidding war and $SAM's pockets are deeper. Not to mention, Boston Lager and Yuengling are completely different beers.

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                        It'll be priced higher than PBR, which will lead many bars to balk at doing that. Referencing the bartender friend I mentioned above, he stated that as an active reason to not carry it as customers who prefer the cheapest beer will balk and he figured that after the novelty wore off it'd be mostly cheap beer drinkers ordering it.

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                          I heard they made Craft Brewers' Guild hire 10 more sales ppl so expect a huge push. If it goes anything like the NYC launch you'll see it everywhere for the initial push and by the end of the year most bars will have dropped it.

                        2. I like the Traditional Lager all right. Their other brews don't excite me so much. I frankly hadn't noticed its absence from retail shelves, though I can recall buying variety packs back when. So many thousands of more interesting small-producer beers around these days.


                          1. You know, I like Yuengling. It's MUCH better than Gansett, IMO. I drink it when I go back to the old homestead in central New Jersey. And if this were 1994, maybe this would be a big deal. But there is so much good beer out there now, it's really not a big deal at all. Why did they even bother?

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                              You know, it IS better than Narragansett primary, but with Nasty 'Pounders coming in at a buck a can, I cant imagine they will be able to match that.

                              That said, it is NOT better than the Narragansett Bock that you can pick up a six of talls for a ten spot.

                              The window for them was ten years ago. They missed it.

                            2. I remember it fondly when we had it in Pennsylvania a decade ago. Then again it was $1.25-$1.50 a bottle at restaurants. I can't imagine spending $5 for it more than once in a long while. And I joked that the cost for the big gala bash they had last week was going to be tacked on to the base price making it even more costly.