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Surplus of dried dill, uses for it?

Hi All,

I have a surplus of Simply Organic brand dried dill weed. Any suggestions on nice vegetarian dishes where I can use a lot of it? My husband was on this kick of making dip with it, so we ended up with a lot of small glass spice jars full of it. I was thinking maybe a soup? Just not sure…thanks!

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  1. Soup would be good, specifically a soup with fish...perhaps a salmon chowder. If you didn't know, dill pairs perfectly with salmon and other seafoods as well. Dishes with cream sauces, cucumbers or potatoes are a natural pairing. Pickles or pickled veggies and borscht benefit from dill.

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      I do have a lot of cucumber and potato, so that gives me ideas. Thanks :-)

    2. I add dried dill to tzatziki. I have enjoyed, but not made, cucumber salads with sour cream and / or yogurt and dill dressing.

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      1. The mock chicken noodle soup in either the Moosewood low fat favorites cookbook or Daily Specials cookbook uses dill but of course, that's only like a teaspoon at a time. There used to be a popular oyster cracker and powdered Ranch dressing snack that people liked. Perhaps there is a similar recipe that doesn't use packaged dressing. I made dill salt with dill weed and thought it was very good on eggs and veggies. I think it was equal parts canning salt and dill weed. I think dill weed would be very good in a vegetable chowder.

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          Thanks, I like the idea of a dill salt, tasty with cheese I would think!

        2. spanikopita, tzatziki, soup with spinach zucchini potatoes onions and dill, chicken broth or water. Dry dill keeps for awhile I wouldn't worry.

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            Thanks! I found some great dill recipes for potato and yogurt. I cook a lot of curries so these are indian style. If anyone would like me to share the links, just let me know...

          2. I like to mix dried dill into softened butter and spread it on rolls that are hot out of the oven.

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            1. I make a fake Middle Eastern meal that I put dill in. Please don't yell at me as I know this is un-authentic but it tastes good. Mix ground lamb with salt, dill, garlic powder, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Form into fat patties and put in baking dish. Open an 8-oz can of tomato sauce and add more of the same: salt, dill, garlic powder, cinnamon, and lemon juice, and pour over the meat. Fill up all the rest of the space with chunks of vegetables: onion, zucchini or opa squash, green or red pepper go with this. Bake about an hour. Eat with rice.

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                  You could delete the lamb, use canned/rinsed black beans or garbanzos instead. Mash to form the patties, and proceed with the recipe.

              1. AT Chicago's "Polish smorgasbord" buffet-style restaurants (a Chicago thing) they put out a dish of dried dill next to the boiled and mashed potatoes so you can put it on your potatoes as a condiment. And at our Persian restaurants, customers are given a choice of plain white rice or dill rice.

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                  I have some cooked rice, may try something similar, thanks!

                2. There's a restaurant I order lunch from frequently that serves a rice pilaf with sliced almonds, dill and orange (zest and I think they use some juice to cook the rice). It sounds a little strange but it really works - I think the combo would be great with orzo, quinoa, barley or whatever grain you like.

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                    I have some oranges so may try it, thanks!

                  2. This dill & walnut pesto by Chef Sarah Master of Barbette restaurant calls for 3.5 C fresh dill, which I think translates to a bit more than a cup of dried. Makes enough pesto for 8 servings of a pasta salad.


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                    1. Fill a 2 Quart dish with a salad of broccoli, cut into bite sized piece (the size of thumbnail or a grape-tomato), cauliflower, cut into bite sized pieces, button mushrooms, 1 T. green onions, small cherry tomatoes

                      Dressing: 1/4 cup clear vinegar
                      1/4 cup canola oil
                      1 tsp. dill weed
                      1/4 tsp. garlic powder
                      1 tsp. sugar
                      1/4 tsp. black pepper

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                      1. We like a modest amount of dill in scrambled eggs, sometimes with a bit of tarragon as well.

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                          I almost did that today, but chose parsley and another herb that I can't think of right now. I almost did dill!

                        2. Egg salad
                          Potato salad
                          Deviled eggs (sprinkled on top)
                          Pea Salad
                          Sauce for Salmon
                          Baked potatoes (sprinkled on top)

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                            1. There's a French lamb stew (Lamb a la Suede) that uses dill. I know you're vegetarian, but I'm posting the link to Mark Bittman's recipe in case this gives you some ideas of how you can adapt the basic concept to fit your needs. The stew already contains new potatoes, carrots, and green peas. Maybe you could add zucchini and serve it over brown rice.


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                              1. Shred a cucumber and wring out the excess liquid with a tea towel. Combine with 1 cup of sour cream, and dill. Los of dill. This is supposedto be a sauce for poached fish, but I've been known to slather it on bread add a ssandwich.

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                                1. This celery soup "genius recipe" from Food52 uses a decent amount of dried dill.


                                  1. What can't you use dill in? Dill is probably my #1 used herb. The only thing that can maybe beat my use of dill is paprika.

                                    potato salad
                                    egg salad
                                    chicken/tuna salad (when I was veg*n, I made a mock tuna/chicken salad with chickpeas)
                                    chicken soup, particularly matzo ball soup (use veg stock, make some faux-chicken seitan - Isa Chandra Moskowitz has a good seitan recipe that I like for vegan chicken and dumplings)
                                    roasted potatoes (or just about any roasted veg, cauliflower is wonderful)
                                    glazed, steamed, or roasted carrots
                                    potato croquettes or cakes
                                    sauteed cabbage
                                    kasha with mushrooms and cabbage
                                    pickled anything (green tomatoes, asparagus, and zucchini are all good)
                                    Yogurt-dill or mustard dill dressing and use it over pasta salad or a beet or cucumber salad
                                    dill bread
                                    scrambled eggs (or any egg dish, quiche or frittata with zucchini and goat cheese is nice)

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                                      had forgotten about dill bread. i remember it was so big in the '70s. it is good…. esp. hot with some butter ;).

                                      1. Dill (fresh or dried) goes wonderfully in all sorts of soups with chicken or beef base. I also add dill to salads, potatoes (mashed, boiled, roasted - you name it), fish, etc.

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                                          I am wondering if I can cook up some kind of cream of dill soup? Hmmmm

                                        2. I've made many gallons of this sauce over the years and love it with roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, brussel sprouts).

                                          Lemony Dill Sauce
                                          3 tablespoons mayonnaise
                                          2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
                                          2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
                                          1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed

                                          Blend well, check for flavor and adjust. Sometimes I get a jar of Dijon that is extra pungent so I have to adjust the other ingredients. Depending on how old the dill is, you may have to add more or less as well.

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                                            Thanks, sounds like it would be good on hard boiled eggs too?

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                                              I'm sure it would. Great idea! Since you are a vegetarian, I didn't suggest it for salmon, that's a perfect pairing. I don't know if you eat fish or seafood. I knew not to suggest it for pork, that was the original recipe suggestion.

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                                                Actually, it would probably be good on tofu too! I'm not vegan, just vegetarian, so I could think of soooo many uses. Thanks! Oh, veggie burgers!

                                          2. There is a recipe on this site for a copycat Montreal Steak Seasoning that uses dill too. Granted, you mentioned vegetarian, but you could probably use it on grilled portabella or other vegetables too.

                                            How about making some homemade pickled vegetables with it?

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