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Feb 13, 2014 11:41 AM

Surplus of dried dill, uses for it?

Hi All,

I have a surplus of Simply Organic brand dried dill weed. Any suggestions on nice vegetarian dishes where I can use a lot of it? My husband was on this kick of making dip with it, so we ended up with a lot of small glass spice jars full of it. I was thinking maybe a soup? Just not sureā€¦thanks!

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  1. Soup would be good, specifically a soup with fish...perhaps a salmon chowder. If you didn't know, dill pairs perfectly with salmon and other seafoods as well. Dishes with cream sauces, cucumbers or potatoes are a natural pairing. Pickles or pickled veggies and borscht benefit from dill.

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      I do have a lot of cucumber and potato, so that gives me ideas. Thanks :-)

    2. I add dried dill to tzatziki. I have enjoyed, but not made, cucumber salads with sour cream and / or yogurt and dill dressing.

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      1. The mock chicken noodle soup in either the Moosewood low fat favorites cookbook or Daily Specials cookbook uses dill but of course, that's only like a teaspoon at a time. There used to be a popular oyster cracker and powdered Ranch dressing snack that people liked. Perhaps there is a similar recipe that doesn't use packaged dressing. I made dill salt with dill weed and thought it was very good on eggs and veggies. I think it was equal parts canning salt and dill weed. I think dill weed would be very good in a vegetable chowder.

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          Thanks, I like the idea of a dill salt, tasty with cheese I would think!

        2. spanikopita, tzatziki, soup with spinach zucchini potatoes onions and dill, chicken broth or water. Dry dill keeps for awhile I wouldn't worry.

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            Thanks! I found some great dill recipes for potato and yogurt. I cook a lot of curries so these are indian style. If anyone would like me to share the links, just let me know...

          2. I like to mix dried dill into softened butter and spread it on rolls that are hot out of the oven.

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