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Feb 13, 2014 11:24 AM

Dinner in Salinas this Saturday?

It's looking like I am going to be in Salinas this Saturday, and looking for a spot for dinner. I've never had dinner in Salinas, so don't have a sense of what restaurants are better bets for dinner (vs. lunch, which I've had before). Ate brunch at La Casa del Sazon last year and it was great. Is it also a good bet for dinner?

What about Paloma's?

Not necessarily looking for Mexican, but am certainly not opposed to it either!

Dave MP

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  1. Patria is a new restaurant in old town section of Salinas that has been getting as lot
    of positive buzz. No website
    but check out Trip Advisor or Yelp for info. You will
    probably need a reservation. Going to try it for lunch tomorrow. Gino's is another popular local spot.

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      I've been to Patria for lunch (a bargain!) and for happy hour (free appetizers!), both about a month ago when it had only been open for about three weeks. The server told me it has been slammed from the get-go and it is a large place. Definitely make a reservation. There are booths in the bar area that are not booked ahead and you can order the full menu there. The cuisine is California-Italian-German mishmosh. There's a dedicated pastry chef, which might be a first for Salinas. The desserts are on display, so you can check 'em out before ordering.

      ETA: We were lucky to have a very experienced server the first go-round. So much so that I asked where he had worked before, and he was deep with fine dining/dinner house experience. The rest of the staff are well-intentioned but need training in basic service. That's why I've been waiting to go back. Might be time soon.

      Here are the beverage, lunch and dinner menus from January 2014.

    2. Cass del Saizon is good for either lunch or dinner

          1. We ended up going to La Casa del Sazon, the location in Old Town Salinas. Beers are served with huge frosted mugs, and the food was good. Guacamole was good but not great, served w/ fried strips of flour tortilla. The free salsa, on the other hand, is really good. For mains, one DC had the pork w/ salsa verde, which he devoured. Another had chicken fajitas, which were good. And then two of us shared the molcajete, which I thought was very good though a tad too salty. I don't love their rice and beans—the beans are topped with cheese, but I think they sort of lack flavor despite their rich mouthfeel. But the homemade corn tortillas are awesome.

            It was busy, but not too busy, so it ended up being a nice choice for us. Patria looks nice, but it was a bit more formal than what we wanted (we had been hiking in Pinnacles all day).

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              Love the Pinnacles! And love the molcajete at CASA del Sazon