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Feb 13, 2014 10:57 AM

Wedding dinner reception & wedding cake

Hi there!

We are planning to have a wedding in Las Vegas in Sept. Still debating if we should have the reception in the hotel or restaurant. Around 50 ppl and looking around to spend no more than $150 per person. What do you guys recommend? Would prefer to have a private or semi private dinning room. All suggestion are welcome. =D Thanx!

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  1. What do you have so far? I'm in the same boat and wouldn't mind collaborating for ideas on this thread, assuming you're an active poster.

    1. We are getting married in May and decided to go with one of the hotel restaurants. Definitely say yes to a private room. Our budget was $70 pp for food and $50 pp for wine. 3 course meal. Remember tax is 8.1% and service will be 20%.

      In terms of restaurant. It all depends on which hotel your family and friends are staying at. Are you getting married in the hotel?

      1. Sounds like something Andre's at Monte Carlo can do for you. I love their food at their price point.