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Feb 13, 2014 09:55 AM

Seattle Food/Happy Hour recommendations with specifications.

Hello from Minneapolis! Me and a guest will be visting Seattle next month, so I am requesting restaraunt and/or happy hour recommendations. Here's what I am specifically looking for, so if you have any recommendation matching this criteria that would be great!

-A lot of recommendations I've already researched are $$$ or more. Since we already have a few fancier places carved out, I am looking strictly for $$ and under.

-Something with a funky, romantic, darker vibe is best. We aren't seeking elegance or white tablecloth.

-Things I look for in a Happy Hour: later time frames (i.e. 5-7) although that is not a strict requirement. I also tend to seek places that have good deals on food/cocktails I otherwise might not be able to afford. I generally like small plate offerings for food hapy hours, rather than whole meal discounts.

-Here's a short list of places I've seen that we are thinking of going. If anyone has an opinion on any of these, please share!

-611 Supreme
*(finding a nice little French place is a priority for us.)

-Japonessa Sushi
-Zig Zag Cafe
-Luna Park cafe
-The Blue Glass
-Square Knot
-A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub

-Lastly, we will be staying in the Georgetown area, but of course will be doing some touristy things downtown and in Chinatown as well.

Any recommendations or opinions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Le Zinc ( on Capitol Hill is a cool place in the French bistro style. Standard happy hour time of 4-6, but half-price (and really good) moules-frites and some tasty absinthe-based bevs for $6.

    Japonessa is a super HH option if you're already downtown (their sushi deals are hard to beat--though it's not the *most* mind-blowing sushi, but pretty good--and I think HH goes till 6:30). Might want to make a res if you plan to get there in the 5:15-6:30 range because it gets packed as people get off work.

    And you can't miss Zig Zag if you like cocktails.

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    1. re: AmbroseBurnside

      Japonessa does HH in the bar until 8 if yo can get a seat. Its in the whole restaurant til 6:30.
      The HH at Luc was good - seemed to be discounted prices on many of their starters.
      Aragona has started a HH but its only from 5-6. Looks like a good way to try some of their food and the regular bar menu isn't terribly pricey.
      Cha:n in the Market area has an interesting and inexpensive HH menu - not sure of their hours.

      1. re: AmbroseBurnside

        Agree with Le Zinc but for HH, not the main meal. The standout was the mussels and for half price it's a fantastic deal.

      2. Local 360

        1st and Bell, 4pm to 6pm

        1. Nice little French place....Le Pichet or it's earthier cousin, Cafe Presse. Lot's of posts about these. Check 'em out.
          French style Seattle would have to be Place Pigalle in the market. Ask for the little table in the corner by the window and watch the ferries go by while sipping away.

          1. Hi, greenidentity:

            For another HH suggestion 1 block off Pike Place Market, you might try the Virginia Inn. Here's the HH menu:

            Today, Wahine and I had the hummus, the grilled pork belly, and the crabcakes there as an early dinner. All were quite good, but the pork belly was excellent. All for $13.50, and they comped us a half baguette to finish off the hummus.


            PS: If Virginia Inn is not to your liking, Le Pichet is next door, also excellent.

            1. The original comment has been removed