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Feb 13, 2014 09:33 AM

Amazing meal at Mica

So the sweetie and I finally made it to Mica last night after attending a lecture at Chestnut Hill College (otherwise we rarely venture out that way from South Jersey). All I can say is WOW. That was without question one of the best restaurant dining experiences we've enjoyed in a very long time, Philadelphia and well beyond (saying a LOT as we just returned from 3 weeks in Italy). What a wonderful blend of modern artistry and techniques with food that was intensely flavorful and delicious.

I had their 4-course chocolate tasting menu while sweetie ordered 4 courses from the regular choices. I enjoyed the chocolate offerings that were clever yet subtle in the chocolate elements, especially the bittersweet chocolate raviolo with sweet potatoes, porcini "dirt" and blood orange. Really, the pasta offerings here are divine, sweetie just about died over the ricotta gnudi. Also loved the beautiful goat cheese ‘custard’ with beets which looked like a fanciful garden on the plate and every flavor element was a mini discovery.

Really, we can't wait for another excuse to go back (even if it'll take some budgeting since the $220 bill before tip was not insignificant.)

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    1. We love Mica! So happy you enjoyed your meal!!

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        Everything was really outstanding. I'd been to Blackfish once before but this just really was a step beyond.

        I'm especially happy my sweetie enjoyed it as much as he did; he's more a hearty Italian food/steak dinner kind of guy than into modern/molecular cooking like I am (you should have seen him trying to figure out the 10-course Salvador Dali dinner at iNG in Chicago we went to a few months ago.) But he loved this so it was a perfect "early" Valentine's dinner. Oh, and don't miss those dessert donuts!!!!

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          You should give Blackfish another shot. I've heard people say Blackfish is better than Mica, or visa versa. I've never really understood that...to me they are stylistically indistinguishable (food-wise) and both scream Chip Roman.

          Chip does do different dishes at Mica than Blackfish, and Blackfish does a lot of repeating riffs on their classics, so Mica does come off as different if you've been to Blackfish enough. But the underlying style and technical competence is identical.

          I've been to Blackfish somewhere north of 25 times I'm sure, and Mica maybe a dozen times. I prefer Blackfish because it's BYOB (and Harold our favorite waiter is there), but I actually like Mica's space the best. Food-wise, I'm happy either way. Chip is mostly at Mica, but Steven does a great job keeping things up to standard in his absence.

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            Oh, I do want to go back to Blackfish - I generally prefer BYOB as well, and there was nothing wrong with the meal we had there. I just didn't find it as knocked-out-of-the-ballpark fun and delicious. And agreed, I like the space better as well, a little more cozy and warm.

            The chocolate tasting menu is definitely worth it. If anything I actually thought the dessert was the weakest of the four, maybe because it was so intensely chocolate it was almost too much after the subtle flavors in the other courses. But shared back and forth with the doughnuts it was fun.

            1. re: sockii

              With both restaurants doing unique 1 or 2-day tasting menus that completely change every week, it's inevitable that you'll like some more than others. I'd go to both every week if I wasn't on a diet!

      2. Looks great. The four-course Wednesday/Thursday tasting menu is definitely the way to go for only $45.

        1. We have been considering inserting Mica into our restaurant "bucket list" and your review and associated comments have secured its place. Let's call it a 2014 restaurant visit list, it has less of a dire connotation. Thanks.