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Feb 13, 2014 09:33 AM

SanRasa in Staten Island is gone

Passing by the storefront yesterday, noticed construction work inside and a sign for a fast-noodle Asian place.

I don't know if they're really gone or are moving elsewhere. No visible notice.

If they're going, it's sad. They were good. And the closest Sri Lankan to the ferry.

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    1. I wasnt a fan of the old space so perhaps good news

      1. Aha! Thanks for this. Looks like they have moved into the space formerly occupied by The Polish Place and its Polish deli (which we were sad to see close).

        The restaurant space is nice with a cozy feel (or was when it was the Polish Place). I wonder what they mean by "bakery." I'm unfamiliar with Sri Lankan baked goods.

        1. Yes, they have indeed moved to a new location. We were driving through Staten Island and it was dinner time. I've always wanted to check out the Sri Lankan scene and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

          I've only had Sri Lankan food once at Sigiri in the East Village. Had no clue what to order so I brought up this serious eats piece on my phone.

          We ended up ordering the lamprie with shrimp and the roti kotthu with lamb. The very sweet waiter asked us if we wanted it spicy -- and we said yes! It was quite a while before we received our food; we were the only people at the restaurant -- they must have been making most of the food from scratch.

          We unwrapped the banana leaf of the lamprie to find the most delicious assortment of rice, shrimp, cashews, eggplant and plantains. I thought it tasted better when everything was mixed together as you got a bit of sweet and savory in every bite. The kotthu (turned out it was chicken, not lamb -- oh well...) was fantastic! Loved the hearty spicy stick-to-your-ribs concoction of chicken, chopped up roti, veggies and egg. Even though I've heard Sri Lankan food to be very spicy, I didn't think it was super spicy -- perhaps a 1 on the Zabb Elee scale?

          Too bad Staten Island is a pain in the butt to get to because I would love to make my way through their menu.