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Feb 13, 2014 09:20 AM

Business Trip recommendations needed (Salt Lake City)

I am going on a business trip with co-workers and staying at the marriott city creek. Our dinner budget is 50 + tax and tips per person including drinks. We need recomendations for the following:

1. Quick eats - need a place that serves quick food for dinner as we get in late
2. Need 2 safe places for picky eaters
3. need 1 place that is different or unique to SLC.

Lunch recomendations would help too but we will probably find a burger or sandwich place.

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  1. Oh Mai sandwich shop. Delicious banh mi...quick and cheap. My favorite place for a quick bite:

    My favorite dim sum (only served until 3 PM). I'd consider myself a fairly picky eater and I loved everything I ordered. It's downtown:

    Caputo's Market. Fun & unique. Awesome sandwiches and it's fun to wander the store:

    Hopefully others will chime in because I live about 30 miles away and only get down to SLC every other month or so. I will keep thinking, however.

    1. Sounds like you will probably want to stay in the downtown area?

      If so, quick eats I would recommend places like Red Rock (brew pub), this might also help your picky eaters as the menu is huge, spanning everything from pizza to sandwiches to steak.

      Squatters is also another popular brewpub open late, in my opinion the beer here is better than Red Rock, but the food less so.

      Across the road from your hotel is a serviceable Italian eatery called Cafe Molise. They've also just opened an adjacent wine bar that is fun and the first of its kinda in Utah - lots of selections by the glass using one of those high tech wine saver systems - hence the name BTG. I believe they do a small bites menu from the adjacent Italian eatery too.

      Also opposite your hotel is Naked Fish, a very good Japanese eatery, but it does sit in the fine dining category, so the bill can add up.

      Eva on main street isn't too far from you and is open late most nights, its a small tapas inspired place, not necessarily Spanish dishes, but plenty delicious.

      UTgal's Caputos shout out is a good one for sure as well. I like Hong Kong tea house personally, but many would debate that with me.


      1. I too will be in town for work soon... I had heard of the Copper Onion so we made a reservation there. The reviews I read seemed favorable but I'd love to hear some 'hound thoughts.

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          Copper Onion is a great choice. The burger is really quite fabulous. The egg/mushroom appetizer is a must too in my book. They've also got an interesting beverage program.

          All the food choices there are really strong though. Some caveats - its a very busy place and the noise level can get up there, its not great for taking a client. There's been quibbles over the service too, but again, its a crazy popular restaurant always packed to the brim.